Catfishing Fetish – Two Lies And A Whole Lot Of Truth

Catfishing Fetish
Yes catfishing fetish is a kink, no playing a phone sex persona is not catfishing.. tho technically some might argue with you about that. I still hate the overuse of the term.

As a pixel Domme – as I affectionately call myself – who doesn’t post pictures of themselves and has in the past used content, I think the term catfishing gets overused and not by its definition. Mostly by people who think catfishing means when someone looks different without makeup, or doesn’t look like their avatar. If I looked like my avatar I wouldn’t be able to walk.

Gooning Mindfuck

Catfishing Fetish

It’s also used by people who have no clue how SL works. So here I go on a rant about the term catfish, and why some of the reasons it’s used, are dumb as hell. Sometimes I get tired of being nice, and I get downright rude. Someone’s going to be offended by this. Someone who lacks compassion, reading comprehension, or has some superiority complex. Yall will be alright. So let me start by choosing “soft” violence, and saying this:

Unless the person is a cam girl, or planning on doing meet ups, or dating, or marrying someone, there’s absolutely no reason for them to share their real photos with you.

I said what I said.

I am an SL Domme, and phone Domme, distance Dominatrix, phone hoe, you name it I have done it. If I’m feeling really nasty I might even shit down your throat. But I’m not discussing scat today, we’re going to talk about catfishing, what that means, what it is, and what it’s not.

Now I don’t have issue with what anyone chooses to share in the realm of adult entertainment, because this is what we’re doing.

Catfishing Fetish – The Annoying And Overused Term

However what we’re not going to do is start trash talking other SWers because of how they choose to run their business.

I’ve seen it before, the older OG’s don’t like the younger Dommes, and where Femdom and Findom (and even phone sex industry vets) are concerned the hoes get real catty for the same reason that many people never get ahead in life: Yall have this “lack of” mentality. But yall be easy…

The first time I heard the term catfish, was when the tv reality show of the same name came out. A catfish was someone who impersonated/pretended to be someone else for attention, love, world peace, gold, all the tea in China…

Signs you are a cuckold
Read Signs you are a cuckold, and find out if it’s just a fetish for you, or you’re a real life cuckboy.

Now the catfish definition has been broadened to include:

Women who look completely different without makeup. It’s…. makeup…. you’re supposed to look different when you put on makeup, that’s the point. Yall are weird.

Women (sometimes men) who cater to the catfish fetish. Yes. It’s an actual fetish. If you tapdance the path of findom, and risque thrill seeking kinks, you might have a fantasy of being scammed and hung out to dry. I don’t kinkshame, nor do I Domme shame anyone who does this.

Women who play personas ie: Phone Sex. If I talked about this 10 years ago I’d get lynched for it. It’s a pso dirty little secret. Phone girls are the original catfishes, because when the industry launched, it was a fantasy entertainment service, therefore not everyone used their real pictures, and it’s a pso’s prerogative to share their real information. And it still is. You pay to talk to a hot big titty blonde and that’s what you get. No questions asked, no strings attached. You jerk off, jill off, and both you and the mystery sex kitten go on about your day. And shocker: People still to this day use phone sex services. Anonymity is still important to people with hard cocks and throbbing pussies.

Who the person was in real life was none of your business. And it’s still none of your business, because you are paying for a fantasy entertainment service. Some of yall need to be hit with a brick because the concept of how and/or why is beyond you. I blame your poor parenting and lack of comprehension skills.

People on virtual who look nothing like their avatars. Ie: Men pretending to be women, women pretending to be men. Think Black Mirror where the two male besties have dirty nasty sweaty monkey sex in a virtual game where one of them is a…. *drumroll* big titty blonde martial arts avatar. His homie was a chiseled male avatar but that’s besides the point. Men on sl don’t care who you are in rl as long as they can fuck you. True story. Disclaimer: SOME. Because I know yall get all huffy when you’re masculinity is challenged…

SWers who choose not to divulge their real identity, use “cartoons,” avatars (that’s me), and there are many reasons – one of them being safety – why someone would not disclose who they are. Safety is the reason we vet customers; safety is the reason some content models and Femdoms don’t do meet ups. Plus some men can’t differentiate between real life and fantasy, and try to use phone sex and model cam sites to find a wife. The likelyhood of you “hooking up” with an online only service provider, is slim to zero.

Catfishing Fetish – Or Catty Fishing Dommes?

The likelyhood of you hooking up with a Pro-Domme who will literally laugh in your face…. do I really need to say it?

So now that we got that little bit of nastyness out of the way, I just want to say that I’m really tired of the bashing. There are many facets to the industry and no one way to do things. SL is a place where you can grow your adult business, and just like in real life, Femdom, Erotic Hypnosis and phone sex, some ladies choose not to use their real identity, and they are still valid human beings.

And it’s not just younger people doing the bashing, age is not a factor in cattiness for some. However the industry has changed a lot since I started 10 years ago. 10 years ago there was no OF, for starters. Now I get some people feel pressure or feel threatened by content models, I don’t. I think they’re great, plus the fact that there is something for everyone in this industry.

The whole point of – specifically – SL is that it is your “alternate” life, if you will. A virtual world without limitations. So shaming someone for not being who they are in real life – when over 90% of users are not who they are in real life and by choice – is just stupid to me. I just tossed that number out, I have no idea how many people use personas on sl. The bottom line is that nobody – even the women and men who use their real life pictures – looks like their avatar in real life. There’s maybe a handful of people I know that actually look like their avatars. So get over it.

Catfishing On SL

Accusing someone of catfishing on SL is like accusing a black person of being reverse racist. It’s silly and trite. Unlike blackfishing – which is harmful due to racism – catfishing on SL is a community activity. No one really strives to look like themselves, or at least, very few do so. Calling it catfishing is incredibly stupid, because is your next door neighbor really catfishing as a tree, a furry, or a unicorn… or Doja Cat? (There really is a Doja Cat avatar and she is fierce.)

Someone messaged me and accused someone else of catfishing on SL………….

*long pregnant pause*

Are you dumb? It’s SL where everyone is 22, and half the women are really men, and gender bending happens daily. I don’t care because I’m not tryna fuck any of them. (loud obnoxious laughter) Virtual is the magical fountain of youth. And people from all walks of life use it, including sex workers. So miss me with shaming anyone for using a picture of (insert famous super sexy hot person) to model their avatar after. I do not care. And no, not just because I don’t post real pics online. It’s because it’s none of your motherfucking business.

Catfishing Fetish Or Not, No One Cares

You think you’re better than those of us who choose not to show our faces, or use someone else’s pictures if you really want to go there? No sweety, you’re just younger, and your tits haven’t fallen yet. I’m not being mean, I am simply being honest. My tits are not where they used to be either, but they still look great in a vneck or a bikini.

This is not a diss to any young SWer’s, this is just me saying pipe down and stop bashing so called “catfishes” who don’t share their real life with customers. Or with anybody. Because you could be making your paper and minding your business. Also consider that being uncouth can get people killed.

If your customers like YOU and what you do, focus your attention there. Just understand that depending on what type of service you offer people, you don’t necessarily have to do a face reveal nor do you have to shame anyone who chooses not to. And the only people who care about who’s who are people who need therapy. Intense, ongoing psychological counseling.

I’ve had this on my mind for a while now. Will I ever reveal who the mastermind is behind Nicole? Not any time soon. You will have to be content with Nicole’s avatar mommy milkers and her big fat pixel ass. Because my big fat fine ass enjoys my life, and the safety of me and my loved ones. Also some of yall are weird as fuck. Creepy weird. Like stalking OF models weird…. so no thanks. And also leave those people alone, they are trying to support themselves, not be your baby mama or pick out fucking curtains, or worse end up in the trunk of a car.

To those who work in the industry, please support your fellow SWers. And if you are one who’s been wearing the “I bash catfishers” shoe, maybe focus on your business and shut the fuck up. And especially if you are on sl shaming people. Baby those people don’t give a fuck about you or your opinion.
Have you ever heard the term “pick me?” That’s what you sound like every time you get on a soapbox bashing other creators. Or using terms like “I’m a real girl not like those others.” Girl shut up. We’re all real and with varying degrees of ass and titties and cellulite.

At the end of the day, if a customer wants a “real girl” he can find plenty. If he wants to have a pixel girlfriend or a phone hoe, he can find plenty of those too.  It’s weird to me for anyone in this industry to be concerning themselves with what other people are doing.  Especially when being a nosy cunt doesn’t pay your bills… being good at what you do, is what pays your bills. If your custie likes your style and they are paying you, keep collecting your checks and move along.

Catfishing Fetish On Satan’s Internet

Yall obviously were not around in the wild wild west of the internet, when people were catfishing before it was called catfishing, and I was one of many people who got their pictures stolen and had someone impersonating me in a live chatroom.  And nobody was paying them to do any of that. Nor was I working in the sex industry at the time.  I was just a cute, brown skinned, twenty something that men fawned over. Now I’m a plump, MILF HypnoDomme and I’ve had people on SL try to copy my avatar. That’s another story for another day.

Anyway thanks for coming to my TED talk.  TL;DR Mind the business that pays you. Stop shaming “catfishers” and SWers who don’t show their real life, and especially don’t waste your breath shaming hoes on virtual.  If you want to get off on the very real voice of an Ebony mindfuck Goddess, call me on Niteflirt.

Ebony Goddess Nicole

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Erotic Hypnosis – Ebony Mindfuck: Is Hypnosis Real?

Erotic Hypnosis - Ebony Mindfuck
Is erotic hypnosis with the ebony mindfuck real? Or just phone sex fantasy? Ask Ebony Goddess Nicole 1-800-863-5478 ext: 12191732

Is erotic hypnosis real or just a phone sex fantasy? And does an Ebony mindfuck really exist? Ask my callers, who enjoy when I get inside their heads. Experts will probably try to tell you that erotic hypnosis – or any hypnosis – is not real, and that it is as real as your mind makes it, and that no one can program you to do anything. I’d say they are either lying, or they are not as well versed in subliminals and NLP as I am. No, I’m not a certified hypnotist, I do not do parlor tricks with mind play. What I am is addictive, to the willing.

Erotic Hypnosis – Ebony Mindfuck

I chose the name and persona for my blog and social media, based on something I love doing. Ebony mindfuck is simply a way to describe a dominant black woman who enjoys mindfucking, and controlling you. Here is my theory on whether or not hypnosis is real. Trance is real. Most people go into trances several times a day without even knowing they’re doing it. If you think subliminals and mind programming are not real, pay attention to pop culture. Pay attention to repetitive patterns and trends.  People are being programmed daily, in society, without even knowing it. This is not some conspiracy theory, I’m simply hip to noticing things that most of society is oblivious to. And they are oblivious because they’ve been programmed to be oblivious. Humans are docile creatures that are easy to manipulate, after all.

Why The Ebony Mindfuck Works

The easy answer would be that it works because you want it to work.  If erotic hypnosis is your kink, you want to be brainwashed and controlled. You want the Ebony Goddess whose voice you’re listening to right now, to program you to do her bidding. And all I need to do is set the mood. I can already tell you that my influence will be inside you long after the audio ends. Long after our phone sex session ends, you will be addicted. But why is that? Is it just because it’s what you want? Or did you stumble upon the world of hypnosis for some other reason?

The Doomed Mind Of The Sleeper

What I can tell you is that if you’re reading this, there’s little chance of escaping my web.  Even if you were aware of what’s been done to you and how, it would be of no consequence. You will still be my mindless slave, drooling and kissing my feet. Do you doubt me? Here’s a challenge for you, and since I’ve been away, an update of sorts.

Ebony Goddess Mindfuck – Erotic Hypnosis Audios

If you can’t catch me on the erotic hypnosis phone sex line, this is the next best thing. Because you can listen to it over and over again, on a loop, and be programmed as if I were right there with you.

Goon For Ebony Goddess Nicole


Ebony Mindfuck – Assplay Programming


Ebony Mindfuck Cuckold Realization Visual


Ebony Mindfuck Himbo Hypnosis Training


Ebony Goddess – Sissy Feminization Mindfuck Hypnosis


So how does it feel knowing you’ve already been programmed, you’re already addicted to me, and you will continue to crave more? Do tell, I’m curious what my subject thinks… if you can think at all. Follow the links to purchase the above videos. And if you decide that you just can’t stay away, call me on niteflirt Ebony Goddess Mindfuck – Erotic Ebony Hypnodomme is my niteflirt listing for the best mindfuck phone sex of your life. Talk soon, puppet. *kisses*

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Ebony Strapon And Ebony Tgirl Phone Sex Fantasies

Ebony Goddess Nicole - Ebony Strapon Ebony Tgirl Phone Sex
If you have ebony strapon and ebony tgirl phone sex fantasies, read this. And then call me 1-800-863-5478 ext: 12191732

Today’s blog is appropriately titled: ebony strapon and ebony tgirl phone sex fantasies. I feel like I do a lot in relation to erotic hypnosis, and I don’t really touch on so many of the other kinks I have.  If you have done erotic hypnosis calls then you already know this is something I do and do well. But did you know I’m a distance Ebony Femdom, that includes phone sex femdom, and a kinky black princess who sometimes likes to fuck? Nah, you probably didn’t, unless you read my blog entries here where I touched on the fact that I sometimes like to switch.  So there’s one thing I really like doing and it involves getting in that ass, and I cater to two types of anal femdom fantasies: One is ebony strapon femdom and the other is ebony tgirl, sometimes referred to as ebony shemale fantasies.

Ebony Strapon And Ebony Tgirl Phone Sex

Shemale is considered derogatory to those who are transgender, however, in the fantasy world, shemale fantasies are quite common. The fantasies are usually involving the fetishization of transwomen, and in fantasy the tgirl’s dick is usually huge, unless she’s a sissy.  And within that, I discovered that there are a lot of kinks that blend the fetishization of black women, with the tgirl kink, and let me tell you, there is just something about an ebony tgirl that drives men wild.

Black Women With Big Black Cocks

It’s also a pairing of the BBC fetish that is popular within the cuckold fetish. Big black she-bulls that will fuck you, fuck your best friend, fuck your wife, and Domme the fuck out of all of yall.  Black women are often stereotyped as strong and dominant – which I loathe, but we can discuss why that’s a problem, in another blog post – and black women make great Femdoms for this reason. It’s because we’re natural leaders… because we’ve had to be. But let’s keep it sexy, okay? Black women with dicks, equals an orgasmically explosive fantasy, for some white men.  I quite often get ebony shemale fetishists on second life, who want me to roleplay having a dick. I have no problem with this. However the kinky bois tend to pivot between ebony tgirl, and ebony strapon femdom, sometimes feverishly switching between the two.

Ebony strapon femdom
Ebony Goddess Nicole wants to show you her big black dick.

What Is An Ebony Strapon Femdom?

Strapon femdoms are dominant women who like to fuck men, with strapon dildos, up the ass. Men who enjoy being Dommed and fucked like a bitch, love pegging. I…. love pegging. There is something very empowering about bending a man over and fucking him anally, and making him my bitch. With the distance domination, I will instruct you how to fuck that ass as if I were right there with you. If you hit me up virtually, we can act out a whole strapon femdom scene in 3D, or with virtual, if you want me to be your ebony tgirl, it’s as simple as me snapping on a virtual penis, that I can change the size, color, and shape of. I can make my black dick as big and as fat as you want it in fantasy.

Nicole… Why Haven’t You Ever Mentioned This Before???

Well.. when you have a lot of kinks – and I have a lot of kinks – it’s kind of hard to touch on all of them. We can discuss my other kinks when you call me, because it’s a long list. And as of the past few years, erotic hypnosis has dominated in popularity for the type of calls I do, which is why I discuss it so much. That doesn’t mean we have to do a hypno call. It’s one of my top kinks, it’s not the only kink… did you not read my toilet play blog? So please remember – as I’m sure I’ve mentioned this before – that if you have other fantasies, please make sure to mention that, and if you want a phone sex roleplay, I’m down for that within limits. Those limits I will list here. This blog is just to let you know, I’m down with ebony tgirl and ebony strapon femdom, without a doubt.

My Phone Sex And Roleplay Limits

I do switch, and play more submissive roles, however race play is a hard limit. Reverse race play is fine, if you like being degraded. I don’t fuck around with any queen of spades or any of that racist bullshit, so don’t even bother asking. My stance on race play is this: If you want me to be your submissive nigger slut who loves white dick, you’re gonna have to pay way more than what I charge for sessions. You’re going to have to pay tributes out the ass, plus pay for my therapy, plus pay all my bills and expenses for an entire year, if THAT is your kink.  Lastly, I’m into spanking, outside of that I’m not into pain or degradation as a submissive. I do not discriminate in regard to types of callers. I don’t care if you’re white, black, asian, trans, sissy, crossdresser, you’re welcome to call and yes I will dominate a black man if he’s subby. I mean it, I don’t care about that.   I will turn your ass out, or you can turn me out as long as it’s sexy and respectful. I hope I have made myself clear.

Setting Up Ebony Strapon And Ebony Tgirl Sessions

There’s two ways to call me. One is my main and that’s niteflirt. The other is via IWantclips/IWantPhone. You also can do voice sessions on SL if you have a voice enabled pc. And skype for voice calls, I do not presently offer cam. If you want skype calls, you have to pay in advance either on niteflirt or you can pay through my AVNstars profile for your session. And you can pay me via my virtual ebony avatar if you have a virtual account there. You just let me know what you’re looking for.

Kinky Custom Phone Sex And Roleplaying Audios

If you have a custom fantasy audio you’d like me to do for you, or a 3D custom video, please email me at for more information. Is your cock tingling right now, thinking about bending you over and taking my dick? Call me on niteflirt, I’ll be waiting to hear from you. *kisses*

Ebony Goddess Nicole

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Signs You Are A Cuckold – Ebony Cuckolding

Signs you are a cuckold
Read Signs you are a cuckold, and find out if it’s just a fetish for you, or you’re a real life cuckboy. 1-800-863-5478 ext: 12191732

If you’re reading this, there are many signs you are a cuckold, and this is one of the biggest tells. Cuckoldry is nothing new in terms of societal behavior. What may shock you to know, is that women have been cuckolding men for centuries, and long before any of us knew what that word meant. I enjoy being an ebony cuckoldress, when I’m not busy mindfucking you with erotic hypnosis. If cuckolding is your fetish, there may be some indicators deep within your psyche, as to whether or not you are in real life – a cuckold – or if you have ever been cuckolded, without your knowledge.

Signs You Are A Cuckold

Do you remember that girlfriend you had in school, that told you she was saving herself for marriage, but that she would allow you to eat her pussy? Of course you were young, naive, and didn’t know any better, but now that you think about it, her pussy was always… different.  Oh and there was that other woman you were dating, who broke up with you unexpectedly, gave you some half assed excuse… and several months later you find out, she moved in with another man, and had a baby. You do the math, you figure out she had to be fucking someone else while with you, for her to give birth when she did. Or perhaps right now, you are fathering a spawn that you’ve always wondered about, because he looks nothing like you, but the UPS delivery guy is extra friendly whenever he sees your wife.

Ebony Cuckolding Fantasies

So many those are some fantastical examples. Let’s talk about some of the more realistic signs you are a cuckold.  Like the fact that you watch a lot of cuckold porn, and you’ve confessed to me or another phone sex operator, that you wish your wife would cheat on you, and maybe you’d like to be part of the show. Teasing about your wife cheating on you, gives you an erection. Imagine that.  And while you may not be cuckolded in real life, you’ve indulged hot wife fantasies, and yes.. BBC fantasies – because yall are obsessed with black men and their penises and the contrast to your wife’s white pussy – Oh… you thought I didn’t know about that?

The Ebony Cuckoldress

I bet you also thought I didn’t know, that part of the lure of white men dating black women, is the idea that we know quite a bit about that big black cock you’re obsessed with? It was the inspiration behind my ebony hot wife fantasy audio, and also the reason I like flipping the script on dumb lil white bois like those reading this blog right now.  I know about the many variations in cuckolding, and the fantasies that you have stroked your dick to.

Knowing The Signs You Are A Cuckold

While most of these are signs you have a cuckold fetish, how much of what you just read, would make you an actual cuckold? There’s the million dollar question. So let’s pretend I’m your ebony hot wife, and I’ve just broken the news to you, that your offspring may have been fathered by someone else, and that I may have been fucking my ex man for the past 3 months, and coming home and sitting on your face. And while I’ve let you lick my pussy, I’m busting a fat nut and cumming on your tongue, imagining a real big dick inside me… one that does not belong to you.

Coerced Orgasm Erotic Hypnosis
Ebony Goddess Nicole wants to cuckold you, bitch boi.

The Raunchy Side Of Cuckolding

I also know how detailed some of you are with your fantasies. You know the ones, where you’ve been sniffing your wife’s used panties and notice how wet they are, and since you already know what sperm smells like – don’t act like you don’t know – you notice the tell tale signs of someone else’s cum, in her panties. Or maybe you notice she rushes to take a shower before coming to bed, or she does a lot more laundry lately, and has been behaving strangely. Or that she’s so happy to see you leave the house when you go to work – that you wonder if she’s telling you to have a great day, because she’s about to have a great morning, fucking your best friend… who’s been dropping by to make sure she’s “okay” while you’re at work.  But we can get wild if you want to, baby.

Prompts For An Ebony Cuckold Roleplay

Scene: Your older brother comes home to visit, and has been enjoying his stay much more than you can imagine;  your wife has been hooking up with her father in law, and he’s been making her scream Daddy. Or maybe that hot Ebony hot wife is having a good time with your mom or your sister? I know yall are nasty like that, so without going too far down the rabbit hole of debauchery, if you want to discuss your more taboo fantasies involving cuckolding, you’ll need to be paying me for that.  When you’re ready to explore your cuckold fetishes, you can call me on Niteflirt. Just hit the niteflirt phone sex link to be taken to my profile page, or dial this number: 1-800-863-5478 ext: 12191732  If you have enjoyed this blog, subscribe, and leave me a tribute. If you want to hear my voicing, talking about this cuckold blog, subscribe to my anchor podcast. If you have any other questions, would like to request a custom audio, email me at and I will be happy to assist you. I hope to hear from you soon.

Ebony Goddess Nicole

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The Love Language Of Erotic Hypnosis – Trust

The Love Language of Erotic Hypnosis

My love language is money. If you read my last blog, edging and cumming – coerced orgasm erotic hypnosis, I discussed how I like to be appreciated. I like receiving money, I like buying nice things with money, and I like when people buy me nice gifts, with money. Compliments are nice, being acknowledged is nice too, but spoiling me with Benjamins? That’s how you get, and keep, my attention. Because I like to be taken care of. So what is the love language of erotic hypnosis? Meaning: The love language of the subject being put under. It’s trust.

The Love Language Of Erotic Hypnosis

When you call me for phone sex, or listen to my audios, you’re trusting me. With your mind, your spirit, and your body. You’re trusting me with that which makes you the most vulnerable. In exchange for that trust, I give you a delicious mind melt, and over time of getting to know me, and serving me, I make you a better person.  You can’t get anywhere, in any type of relationship, without trust.

Loving Erotic Hypnosis

The loss of control, the sweet bliss of being out of your head for a while, that is what you trust your hypnotist with. My love language may be money, however my favorite thing to do – hobby and work hazard if you will – is to get inside your head, plant triggers, whip your soul and spank your brain, make your cock twitch with programmed want. I have a gift, I want you to experience that gift. You can only experience that gift, if you trust me, to lead you to the underworld, and trust that I will safely bring you back up, for air.

Trance And Mind Control

Have you ever been to a BDSM dungeon, and experienced subspace? There are many ways to get there. For some it’s being whipped, for others it’s being ball crushed, and then there are those who will simply fall under, allowing their Dominatrix to do whatever she wants, and push them past their limits. I love to fuck. The thing I love to fuck the most, is with your head. I want, to fuck your mind, penetrate it deeply, and leave you dripping and weak for me.

The Ebony Goddess Mind

Erotic hypnosis takes a lot out of me, because it’s an exchange of not just power but also energy. The transference can invigorate you, or leave you spent, and every session is different. I’ve dabbled in psychology – not enough to be an expert in the field – enough to know that the mind bypasses the body, and can make even the slightest suggestion feel real. Have you ever had a sexy dream and orgasmed from it, without ever touching yourself? That is an example of how powerful the mind is.  The mind is what makes erotic hypnosis programming real. Trusting me with your mind, is a pleasure that I don’t take lightly.  Only because I have been on the other side of the mind control exchange. Subjects, make the best hypnotists.

Love And The Power Of The Mind

People fall in love with me easily. Not sure why, I do not think I do anything specifically unique, and yet, I know that I do. Could be the mother energy I carry, being an Ebony MILF and all. Look for me this Valentine’s Day, and let’s see how much fun I can have playing inside your head. You’ll be a brand new person, programmed, owned, submissive, and mine. I do phone sex sessions on Niteflirt, look for Ebony Goddess Nicole, and I look forward to mindfucking you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Goddess Nicole

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Edging And Cumming – Coerced Orgasm Erotic Hypnosis

Coerced Orgasm Erotic Hypnosis
Ebony Goddess Nicole has a coerced orgasm erotic hypnosis program that will make your toes curl.

Orgasm denial is fun, absolutely. So is making you cum over and over again, until you’re in a loop and you can’t stop edging and cumming. Tis the subject of my latest  coerced orgasm erotic hypnosis audio. Now, you can get the audio on Niteflirt. However if you want the video, you will have to purchase that from Manyvids.

Edging And Cumming – Coerced Orgasm Erotic Hypnosis

I am an ebony hypnodomme who does not just enjoy erotic hypnosis, I revel in mindfucking you. I mean duh, the blog is called Ebony Goddess Mindfuck, for that reason.  I also like reverse torment in the form of giving you the very thing you desire, and making you a slave to it. That’s right, coerced orgasms, edging and cumming over and over until you are in a mindless loop, and out of your own control. Coerced orgasm erotic hypnosis takes that which you love, and turns it into pure torture. Think of it as a means to collecting not just your seed, but your soul.

Chronic Masturbation Erotic Hypnosis

Picture the scene: You listening to my erotic hypnosis audio, and being ordered to edge, and then cum, and then do it again. And again. And again. You lose track of time. You can’t remember how many times you came. You can’t remember what day it is or what hour for that matter. More importantly, you become addicted to the loop of edging and cumming over and over.

Ebony Goddess Worship – Edging And Cumming For Mistress

Of course the Ebony MILF Mistress wants you to be so exhausted and disoriented from cumming, that you are pliable, like putty in my hands, for whatever purpose I choose. That was the point, and I already know you won’t have any resistance to being my mindless puppet. I like obedient, good little edging and cumming gooning junkies, because they’ll do anything to please me, and anything to heighten their experience. Because you don’t actually WANT to stop edging and cumming.

Healthy Coerced Orgasm Erotic Hypnosis – Boundaries

Obviously, in real life, you cannot just sit and edge and cum all day. Just imagine the mess that would make, not to mention you wouldn’t get any work done. And last I checked most of us do have to work in order to pay for nice things. Unless your rich, and you can in fact afford to edge and cum and be mindless all day long for me, then you need to be paying me for the experience, and paying me well.  This is simply me saying that you must take into consideration your mental health, and physical health, and I will not have an unhealthy sub risking his livelihood. Because if you did that, then I wouldn’t be able to take advantage of you and drain your wallet. You can’t drain, what you don’t have.

Serving Black Women During Black History Month

I’d be remiss if I did not mention that it is now February 3rd and it is also Black History Month. If you like black women, want to serve a black woman, want to worship an Ebony Goddess, it is important to note that I don’t tolerate ignorance. I’m not a “pickme” Domme, you either serve me and you learn from me or you can skidaddle along to some other motherfucker that has the time. If you choose to serve me and be my little tranced out slut, you will respect black women – especially my black ass – at all times. If you’re a sissy and you start talking about “getting fucked” or “sucking big black cock” I will backhand you through the phone. Black men are not just their penises, respect the Kings and Queens, or go play in traffic. Now with that said… Here’s how to be an asset to your  Goddess.

I Don’t Get Paid To Teach White People How Not To Racism

In otherwords, I’m not going to sit you down and teach you how to be a better whitey. You’re going to do that shit your motherfucking self. In otherwords do your own fucking leg work, white boi. It is not a black woman’s job to “educate” you. And if you want an education directly from me, you are going to have to pay a hell of a lot more than 2.99 per minute for that, because that is neither fun, nor sexy, for me. I hope I have made myself clear. Now back to the fun and sexy Erotic Hypnosis.

Erotic Hypnosis With An Ebony Goddess

My style is simply getting you addicted to me, keeping you there, and giving you an experience that cannot be replicated. What I expect from you, specifically, is that you read and do your research. A lot of the questions many of you ask can be answered by either reading my blog, checking the links, or if you really want a question answered quickly – by paying me a tribute. That way my time is respected and we both get what we want. I specifically like money, and getting paid. Now here’s a few fun and exciting ways you can ingratiate yourself to me and earn my favor…. if you have the coin, and the time….

Worshiping The Ebony Goddess Mindfuck

Go buy my audios, for starters, on Niteflirt. I currently have everything from short induction trances, to longer mindfuck audios, and if you’re into fantasy roleplaying, I even have an Ebony hot wife audio, that is, extreme in humiliation and feminization, if that’s your kink.  If you’re feeling generous and can afford to do so, buy them all. Now if you’re feeling REALLY submissive, and want to spend more money on me, you can go buy my exclusive Manyvids clips. They are not all necessarily Ebony Hypnodomme, but one is more of a reverse Ebony intox fantasy, where I get to be the naughty fuck puppet… which I sometimes like. And lastly, if you have either already bought all my audios and videos, and you really want to show your devotion, you can send me a tribute. You have the option to tribute me directly through Niteflirt, or you can pay me on AVNstars, or if you have a second life account, you can drop a nice fat tribute in the form of lindens. 50.00 USD is roughly 12K Lindens or so. BTW… I also do sessions in world.

Oh You Want Even More Ways To Worship Me?

Order a custom audio. You tell me what you want, I record it, you get to rub one out to me purring deliciousness in your ear, just for you. Any other ways you can monetarily provide for me? We can discuss when you call me. You can reach the Ebony Goddess of Mindfuck, on Niteflirt. Just click that link.  Well.. this was a lengthy tome, do yourself a favor and read all of it.  Until we speak again…

Ebony Goddess Nicole

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Ebony Goddess Coerced Intox Animated Videos On ManyVids

Ebony Goddess Coerced Intox
New Ebony Goddess Coerced Intox Fantasy on ManyVids

If you’re not familiar with manyvids, it’s where you can get custom and adult clips from content creators. Now you can also do this on niteflirt, however niteflirt is more functional for audio, chat, and phone sex. So this is just a heads up to let you know, that I have new audios on niteflirt, and I’ve released some new Ebony Goddess roleplay videos on manyvids.

Ebony Goddess Coerced Intox – ManyVids Custom Animations

At present I DO NOT offer custom videos, unless you want virtual animations.  However if you enjoy gaming and 3D art, then I can create animated videos for you. I just released two custom videos, titled: Ebony Stripper Custom and Tag Team The Stripper, and they are exclusive to manyvids. That means that is the only place you can get them. Both of these are switch videos for me, where I am in the submissive role, and involve coerced intox.

Ebony Goddess Coerced Intox Fantasy

Part I Summary: Gorgeous ebony stripper has gotten a reputation for sucking and fucking in the club, if she has enough to drink. She denies it, until her boyfriend catches her and kicks her out of the house. She goes to her neighbors house and is still denying it. The neighbor convinces her to have a few drinks with him, in exchange for a place to stay. 22 Minutes. Ebony stripper intox fantasy

Part II Summary: Ebony stripper loses her purse, except it turns out it’s at her neighbors house, and he has a friend over. They scheme to get her over to his place, get her tipsy and then have some MFM threesome fun. 21 Minutes. Tag team the stripper

More Animated Videos

I’m currently working on an erotic hypnosis video custom. If you’re interested, go to my custom video page. Turnaround time is 7 days unless you pay extra for expedited service.

Calls And Ebony Erotic Hypnosis Audios

If you’re searching for my ebony goddess mindfuck, erotic hypnosis content, most of that you can find via Niteflirt, and you can also call me on niteflirt. If you want a custom audio, be it erotic hypnosis or pov roleplay audios (cuckolding, blackmail, findom, guided masturbation etc.) you can contact me on niteflirt or email me at for more details. That’s all for now, please subscribe to the blog and my Ebony Goddess Mind Melt podcast to stay informed of new products and services.


Goddess Nicole

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A New Year With Ebony Goddess Mindfuck – Sissy Training

Wake up sissy. It’s time for sissy training and a new year with the Ebony Goddess of Mindfuck. 1-800-863-5478 ext: 12191732

Happy new year! And I hope that the holiday season was kind to you, because I will not be. Well just maybe if you’re nice to me, I’ll be nice to you. But for now I’d like to inform you that Ebony Goddess Mindfuck, is focusing on sissies, and I’ve got my eye on you.

Sissy Training: Ebony Goddess Mindfuck And Sissy Control

You cannot seduce the unwilling, just remember that. And where sissies are concerned, feminization is all about the thrill of being forced into a fem lifestyle, and while in your head you see yourself kicking and screaming, there is a part of you that wants it. I know you bought the sissy feminization trance, I’ve been watching your progress. And I know you’re ready for the next installment of Ebony Mindfuck sissy training.

Wake Up Sissy  – It’s Time For More Sissy Training

It’s been a few weeks, and you can’t quite tell what’s real anymore. All you know is that you made some strange purchases – strange to you anyway – and the next thing you know you have been waking up with unusual cravings and a sore jaw. You heard a neighbor talking about sausages and your sissy clit started tingling. You suddenly took to watching cuckold porn and began getting aroused by tgirl and sissy buck breaking videos. You secretly bought my Ebony Hot Wife switchbait audio, and while it was rather brutal, the thought of being gang fucked and whored out by an Ebony Hot Wife made your sissy shrimp dick hard.  What I am going to do to you, is going to be subtle. The effect it has on you, will not.

You’ve Been Wearing Panties Under Your Work Suits Darling

Your wife noticed you haven’t been wearing your boxers much, when she does the laundry, and that her panties have gone missing at an alarming rate. It’s only a matter of time before she discovers you’ve been programmed and are now addicted to, sissification and feminization videos, and cuckolding porn, and that your forced sex fantasies are the reason you can’t stop masturbating. She’ll put two and two together, and your marriage will be over. You can thank me for destroying it. Me the Ebony homewrecker and sissification Domme. Well, you cannot say you didn’t see this coming. I did warn you, during the Ebony Christmas Mindfuck, that I would take your mind, and everything else with it.

Ebony Goddess Mindfuck Fills In The Blanks

Yes I am gaslighting you, but since you can’t remember what I’ve been doing to you, it doesn’t matter if I tell a little fib here and there now does it? You’ll believe whatever Goddess Nicole tells you, because Goddess Nicole knows what’s best for her sissy. What? Sissy? Yes. Sissy. You are a sissy, you have been for months, and now it’s time to take you further into your sissy training. Wake up sissy, it’s time to get pretty, for Goddess Nicole.

Sissy Training With The Black Queen Of Mindfuck

Where do you go from here, sissy? Well you call me of course. You can reach me on niteflirt, Ebony Goddess Nicole is the name. Custom sissy mindfuck audios is another option. Contact me at or email me on niteflirt, to discuss your feminization needs. Until then, I’ll be watching you, pink sissy.

Ebony Goddess Nicole

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Ebony Mindfuck Christmas – You’re About To Discover True Mind Control

It’s an Ebony Christmas Mindfuck from Goddess Nicole

There comes a time in many a submissives life, when they pass the point of no return, and they discover themselves doing things for the Ebony Goddess they never imagined they’d consent to. But they do consent, and most certainly surrender, to being many dehumanizing things, and a thing none the less.

Ebony Mindfuck Christmas

I just released Ebony Christmas Mindfuck on Niteflirt, and I’m not going to tell you what it’s going to do to you. I’m simply going to wait for its effects to take hold, and then observe your behavior when I test the limits of your submission. You will either need therapy when I’m done with you, or you will be so completely mindless, and owned by me, that you will not be able to imagine a life without me in it.

Ebony Mindfuck Holidays

It’s titled ebony mindfuck christmas, because in the season of giving and receiving, I can think of no better time to strip you of your identity. The time you normally spend with family and loved ones, suddenly becomes my time. You wait on my every beck and call, my every need and desire, even if it means missing time with others. Sometimes I purposely make you wait, just to see if you’ll comply.

Mindfucked For The Holidays

And then when you have degraded yourself to the point of no return – when your wife has divorced you, and the offspring has disowned you – then I will truly make you my slave. That’s the key, isolation, humiliation, degradation, mindfucking, until you no longer resemble yourself. Until you are less than human.

Your Wish For An Ebony Christmas Mindfuck

I disappear and leave you hanging on a thread of sanity, and every time I return you are more deeply devoted to me. You’ve lost your mind and your identity to me, and you can’t remember the wife, the family, the kids, yet somewhere deep down you know there was once a person. That person is no more. Only a thing, remains.

Your Ebony Mindfuck Christmas Instructions

Purchase the ebony christmas mindfuck from niteflirt. Send tribute via nitelflirt or avnstars as a personal thank you to me for taking your mind and your soul. If you wish for deeper, more intense training, call me on niteflirt. 1-800-863-5478 ext: 12191732  You can also send amazon gift cards to if you wish. I look forward to a delightful Christmas, fucking your mind.

Merry Christmas

Ebony Goddess Nicole

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Merry Christmas from Ebony Goddess Nicole

Let’s Talk About Financial Domination (What It Is – What It Is Not – Why I Don’t Talk Much About It)

Ebony Financial Domination
Let’s talk about financial domination, and why outside of this blog, I don’t talk much about it. 1-800-863-5478 ext: 12191732

Greetings from the Ebony MILF aka The Ebony Goddess of Mindfuck aka The Ebony Hot Wife. So let’s get right to it: I don’t push financial domination. Periodt. And it has nothing to do with me bashing or disliking it, and everything to do with it being an oversaturated market. Disclaimer: I’m not bashing financial domination, so if you are a Findom please don’t come over here screaming and hollering.

What Is Financial Domination?

My understanding is that it’s control of someone’s finances. The perspective many have of it, is that it’s just people standing around demanding you pay them. Which… does happen, however, it can be an extension of Femdom, without being any part of it entirely. In otherwords you don’t have to be a Femdom to be a Findom. Or vice versa.

Pet Peeves – Financial Domination And Female Domination

The bit that grinds my gears, is freebieloading subs who expect free shit from Femdoms, and when you ask for payment, they accuse you of being a Findom, because they haven’t bothered to educate themselves. A lot of men online, confuse Female Led Relationships, with Femdom, and then are confused and heartbroken when they don’t get what they want, which is a D/s relationship. And then they start hollering about how they’re not paying for femdom. Well beloved… good luck with that.

Real Femdom And Real Findom

Femdom is multi-dimensional, in essence. And in some cases, so is Findom. Both are fetishes, with underlying fetishes layered in. So if a person has a Findom fetish, and the coin to play, they might seek someone to pay and play with.  There are also a lot of posers in the market. Meaning, a whole bunch of men, jacking off in front of phones or pc’s, fluffing Dommes with empty words and promises to pay money that they either don’t have, or have no intention of paying, in exchange for attention they haven’t earned.  It’s the oldest trick in the book – be careful out there.

Real Subs

I’m going to make this abundantly clear: I do not, never have, not about to start, chasing a goddamn sub for some $$. Nor will I beg anyone to motherfucking pay me. If you pay for my services, you’re also paying for my time. If you’re looking for free time, energy and attention, I’d suggest you start with a dating service, and not a Domme. Because we won’t entertain any of your foolishness (most of the seasoned vets anyway), and most of us aren’t looking for a *gag* boyfriend.  If you want my attention, you need to pay for it.

I Wonder If This Ever Works For Anyone?

I get plenty of “Miss how can I serve you” “Where can I tribute you” BS silly ass messages, from men who apparently think women are as stupid as they are. I’m a business woman, your empty words mean fuck all to me. My info if someone is serious about sending a tribute, is right there on my blog, on my social media, so playing dumb like you either can’t read or don’t know how to find this information, when you went out of your way to message me – and how did you find me? Oh yes… by reading and searching – is going to get you ignored.

Safety For Dommes And Subs

It is the holiday season, so please be careful, Dominants and submissives alike. Sadly just as there are freeloading scammers, there are also wannabes in the industry just looking to make a fast buck.  It’s the reason I will not accept any payments outside of the proper channels and on the platforms I use you have to verify your information. And that is for your safety and the safety of the artist. I say artist because I do much more than just put naughty subbies on their knees.

But Back To Findom What It Is Not

Anyone who creates content and charges for that content, expect to be paid, FOR THAT CONTENT. Being a Femdom is no different. I’m really sick of people behaving as if they are unable to grasp the concept. So no, Femdom is not Findom. Yes you do have a pay a professional for that service, it is not free.  And yes you can do both, if you want. I do both, one I don’t necessarily shout from the rooftops about. But if you want to play piggy bank, I’m happy to oblige you. If I do financial domination at all, it is in the realm of humiliation and making monetary amends for shitty white male behavior. Fitting.

Why I Don’t Talk Much About It

Again, oversaturated market, and I’d rather focus on my other skills and niches. Usually, if someone wants that particularly, they pay for it in addition to their other kinks. And also, if you are going to do that specifically, it has to be done correctly.

What I Do Shout From The Rooftops

This is a mindfuck blog, I do mindfuck things. I do roleplay things. I make shit. Sometimes I indulge in other kinks too. So if you wanted your dollars dominated, there is a place for that, and you have to ask for it, and send a proper tribute. For all else, reaching me for erotic hypnosis, and Ebony Mindfuck, and Femdom, and whatever other kinky thing you seek, is as simple as picking up the phone and calling me. I do prefer the rather diabolical and humiliating, but I’m open to other things as well.

Ebony Phone Sex Specialties

If you’re not sure what I do, or if I’ll be into it, just ask me.  If I do not do “your thing” I will simply tell you that. If you just so happen to be a Findom type person, I have a separate niteflirt listing for Ebony Findom. My style is Black Queen, reparations tax, and opening your purse to atone for the sins of your forefathers.  If you are NOT into that, and simply just want Ebony Femdom, Roleplay, Erotic Hypnosis, a good firm whipping,  Ebony MILF or to be feminized and dressed in a bra and panties, you can call my Ebony Goddess Mindfuck line. If you do wish to pay a tribute, you can pay me via Niteflirt, or directly from my AVN Stars Profile. And if you’re a gamer, you can pay me through the virtual world.

Phone Number And Link To Call Me

Niteflirt – Ebony Goddess Mindfuck    1-800-863-5478 ext: 12191732   I’m usually on in the evenings (or super early in the morning). Favorite my profile and drop me a line. You can text me from Niteflirt as well.  Message me for custom audios. I do not at this time offer cam or videos. If you have any other questions for me, email me  Have a wonderful evening.

Ebony Goddess Nicole


Twitter @NicoleReneeKali