Cuckolding Gynarchy – The Future Of Servitude

The year is 2059 and the gynarchy reigns. Men are required to pay women a dowry of no less than 2 million dollars if they wish to marry. The women lead these relationships, and there is no promise of marriage even with payment. In addition to the dowry, men are required to be skilled lovers, intelligent, emotionally adept, and well endowed.

Cuckolding Gynarchy – The Future Of Servitude

Any of the men that fail to meet the requirements are left to the lower ranks of society, the seedy run down areas filled with sissies and BBC cuckold fetishists that no self respecting member of the gynarch society would be caught dead in. The men who cannot pay for a wife, and are less than in any of the ways needed, have the option to serve as male slaves. The only other options for them, being low paying jobs and the companionship of each other.

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The Cuckoldress Rules

Women being the ruling class can have, and get, whatever they desire. Wealth, travel, the finest accommodations, and as many lovers as they please. Which… yes, that means many of the wealthy “chosen” husbands, are cuckolded, and very often.

Cuckolding Gynarchy Isn’t Necessarily A Punishment

To say that men did this to themselves would be an understatement. Their schemes and plotting to control women all collapsed along with their loose grip on power. They learned what the consequences of their greed were, and paid the price. Of course the men who refused a Female Led society, were many of the basement dwelling, passport wielding embarrassments that often were seen in the past making fools of themselves.

A World Without Femdom Rule Would Quickly Perish

The truth is, that if men hope to be husbanded in the future, they’re going to have to eat crow and prostrate themselves before the one true god: Women. Without which they wouldn’t be here. Civilizations wouldn’t exist without women. No spawn would be born, without women. And since we have not advanced to farming test tube babies like the Matrix, if men want to exist, they will have to admit that they need us. And that keeping us happy and comfortable is essential to their survival as a species. Which leads us to distance domination and cuckolding.

Cuckolding Gynarchy Breeding Fantasies

In the future men would be held responsible for failure to reproduce, instead of women.  Imagine an all male born version of the handmen’s tale. If a woman didn’t want to ruin her body in childbirth, she could find a consenting woman to be a surrogate… keyword: CONSENT… boys. And if the “male” is failing to produce, he’ll be demoted and denied pussy privileges. Women deserve to be satisfied and comfortable, and for some women that means having more than one lover, and if she wishes, more than one husband.

Cuckolding And Financial Domination Go Hand In Hand

Keep in mind that suitors will still have to cough up that dowry, making a cuckoldress very wealthy in fact. Because her lovers also must provide monetary support, for her comfort. So a cuckolding gynarchy is quite lucrative for the Dominant woman.  The reality is that women don’t just deserve to have their sexual and financial needs met, it is our birthright.  So what would the cuckolding gynarchy look like, for the Ebony MILF vixen?

Ebony Cuckolding And Female Led Relationships

In my world I like expensive quality lifestyle, and quality dick, and a quality tongue. And… quality everything really.  So the cuckolding gynarchy for me, would look like having a lover on hand for when I’m horny, sometimes two or more when I’m feeling greedy, and if… and only if – I am in the mood for such, a handsome well groomed sub to clean up whatever messes I make.  Where good sex is concerned, I like to get messy, and the more orgasms the better.  Sex on a yacht, sex on a private jet, sex in a villa or the balcony of a suite. My life, well pampered, my rules.  My husbands are welcome to come along if they are permitted by me.

Cucks And Fuck Toys For The Ebony MILF Femdom

The cuckolding gynarchy would be a bit of a harem, for me, as it should be. Now there was a time when polyamory and polyandry were common and nothing shameful, and I am very much pro-polyandry, women having multiple husbands. If they choose. I’m also pro-cuckolding. Not any of this silly male centered cuckold porny crap either.

Erotic Hypnosis Will Be Part Of Your Cuckold Phone Sex Training

My cuckold gynarchy would also include some sort of male sporting activities. Like cuckolds being required to serve both men and women orally, take dick regularly – my strapon or a real one – and be an avid creampie eating cum guzzling slut, for me.  And plenty of Ebony Mindfuck Humiliation.  So if that’s something that interests you, I invite you to call me on Niteflirt where we can discuss the terms of your cuckolding servitude, to me. Call me on Niteflirt directly 1-800-863-5478 ext: 12191732 for all your cuckold phone sex fantasy needs. Tributes on Niteflirt are highly encouraged.

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