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I think it’s time we had a little discussion about what services I offer outside of erotic hypnosis. Mainly Ebony Mindfuck Humiliation. I do advertise being an Ebony MILF Mistress because I am one. But I have a very broad range of interests that will spin most of you right out your clogs. One being extreme humiliation and kink, most of which is not allowed to be discussed in print, on most platforms.

Ebony Mindfuck Humiliation – Without Restrictions

If you wanna get real motherfucking wild with me, and explore ebony mindfuck humiliation, then you need to call me so we can have a conversation about your limits, my limits, your taboos, my taboos. My phone sex operator background includes working for a very popular no taboos phone line. I stopped doing taboo, because to be very honest, some of the kinks were so extreme, that after doing them long term you will need therapy.

Taboo Phone Sex

In otherwords some of you are very sick naughty puppies. To be frank though – and you can be tommy – I have some of my own taboo kinks, so while I get the allure, I also know that some callers go way too far with their bullshit. It’s the very reason I don’t offer race play, or submissive play, unless you’re paying a very large amount of money up front. I WILL do reverse raceplay and BNWO roleplays because while reverse racism doesn’t exist – no matter how hard yall envelopian motherfuckers try to make it a thing – it’s still therapeutic to me, to treat some of you like the fly covered dog shit that you are.

What’s My Price For Kinky Taboos

Before I get into the topic of this blog, which is Ebony mindfuck humiliation, let me just say that if you have a taboo you want to discuss, run it by me first.  The price I charge for certain types of taboo is much more expensive even, than the price I quote for taboo humiliation. Which is exactly what I offer. The type of humiliation you won’t see described in print. For instance snuff and toilet play including scat.

The Sissification Feminization Fetish

Sissification is not just about being humiliated and transformed against your will, nor is it always about the hypersexual sissy who loves big black dick, even though those are popular tropes. What I find amusing about some of the newbie sex workers, is that they’ve been misinformed that using the term sissies is transphobic and harmful.   Gender bending and feminization are forms of therapy for some trans people. The term is problematic because it is misused outside the BDSM community, and there is a lack of education on sexuality and kink.

Let’s talk about gender bending and sissy feminization.

Are Sissies And The Term Sissy Problematic

In short yes. What many people new to sex work will find – if they look past their ignorant noses – is that many phone sex and BDSM clients enjoy feminization as a healing modality. There are a number of “sissies” who are: closeted gay and bisexual men who like the fetish to explore their sexuality; closeted transgender women who refer to themselves as sissies or femboys and also want to explore gender and sexuality, and their fantasies; cis men – mostly white – who just really get off on being feminized, and may not yet know that they are trans, and end up discovering their feminine side through the fetish. Oops, now some of you hoes on twitter owe me an apology. This tweet about white males being transformed into sissies, from me (which was directed at the sissy/verbal humiliation subs), triggered a couple of entitled white women, who don’t know anything about the kink community. You’re welcome.

Ebony Goddess Nicole - Ebony Strapon Ebony Tgirl Phone Sex
If you have ebony strapon and ebony tgirl phone sex fantasies, read this. And then call me 1-800-863-5478 ext: 12191732

Being Called A Nigger Is Far Worse – And Why I Don’t Do Raceplay

Yeah, pink elephant in the room, let’s talk about it. Some of the same people that find ageplay, sissification, and rape roleplay offensive, are perfectly okay with sissies and trans people tossing up spade symbols and saying the N word and calling themselves n word lovers and QoS. So miss me with the bullshit. My only real hard limit is raceplay. Because if you’re not paying me 25K and my medical/therapy bills up front you can get the fuck out of my face.

Ebony Mindfuck Humiliation And Extreme Femdom Taboos

To be honest I like hardcore BDSM,  CBT and pain play, humiliation and degradation, and snuff.  There’s something about the risk that gets your blood pumping doesn’t it? As you may have noticed if you’re searching for hardcore kinks some words are no no words in the land of adult platforms. The majority of which won’t even let you talk about many taboos, or without rewording them to avoid issues with banks.

My Blog Is Here For That Reason

And also as an informal education on kink. You’d be surprised to know this – if you didn’t already, that many people in the psychology field are Dominatrixes who know a lot about all the fetishes I just mentioned, and more. Because I’m limited by choice to what I post on Beyonce’s internet (LAUGHING) some things are better left to a paid session. I do use the term sissy and hypnosis and many others because I’m selling my goddamn wares and food and rent cost money.

Doing Sessions With A Hardcore BDSM Taboo Black Mistress

You have two ways to call me. The main one is Niteflirt. If you only want my clips and audios, my links are on the homepage of this blog. If anything I have said in this blog upset you, you can pay 2.99 per minute to bitch to me about it, otherwise yall don’t wipe my ass or pay my bills and therefore I don’t care. My Niteflirt moniker is Ebony Goddess Nicole. I’m a black MILF Mistress who loves talking about everything I mentioned above, and more. I’ll let you know what’s off limits on our call.

Phone Sex With Ebony Goddess Nicole

You can call in at 1-800-863-5478 ext: 12191732 or go to the Niteflirt phone sex site and connect with me there after entering your payment information. If you find this blog informative and enjoyable, you are welcome to send me a tribute on my cashapp (This  option is NOT for services), or pay me through my platforms, including Niteflirt. I hope you’ll be a brave bunny and call me tonight. Until then…

Ebony Goddess Nicole

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A New Year With Ebony Goddess Mindfuck – Sissy Training

Wake up sissy. It’s time for sissy training and a new year with the Ebony Goddess of Mindfuck. 1-800-863-5478 ext: 12191732

Happy new year! And I hope that the holiday season was kind to you, because I will not be. Well just maybe if you’re nice to me, I’ll be nice to you. But for now I’d like to inform you that Ebony Goddess Mindfuck, is focusing on sissies, and I’ve got my eye on you.

Sissy Training: Ebony Goddess Mindfuck And Sissy Control

You cannot seduce the unwilling, just remember that. And where sissies are concerned, feminization is all about the thrill of being forced into a fem lifestyle, and while in your head you see yourself kicking and screaming, there is a part of you that wants it. I know you bought the sissy feminization trance, I’ve been watching your progress. And I know you’re ready for the next installment of Ebony Mindfuck sissy training.

Wake Up Sissy  – It’s Time For More Sissy Training

It’s been a few weeks, and you can’t quite tell what’s real anymore. All you know is that you made some strange purchases – strange to you anyway – and the next thing you know you have been waking up with unusual cravings and a sore jaw. You heard a neighbor talking about sausages and your sissy clit started tingling. You suddenly took to watching cuckold porn and began getting aroused by tgirl and sissy buck breaking videos. You secretly bought my Ebony Hot Wife switchbait audio, and while it was rather brutal, the thought of being gang fucked and whored out by an Ebony Hot Wife made your sissy shrimp dick hard.  What I am going to do to you, is going to be subtle. The effect it has on you, will not.

You’ve Been Wearing Panties Under Your Work Suits Darling

Your wife noticed you haven’t been wearing your boxers much, when she does the laundry, and that her panties have gone missing at an alarming rate. It’s only a matter of time before she discovers you’ve been programmed and are now addicted to, sissification and feminization videos, and cuckolding porn, and that your forced sex fantasies are the reason you can’t stop masturbating. She’ll put two and two together, and your marriage will be over. You can thank me for destroying it. Me the Ebony homewrecker and sissification Domme. Well, you cannot say you didn’t see this coming. I did warn you, during the Ebony Christmas Mindfuck, that I would take your mind, and everything else with it.

Ebony Goddess Mindfuck Fills In The Blanks

Yes I am gaslighting you, but since you can’t remember what I’ve been doing to you, it doesn’t matter if I tell a little fib here and there now does it? You’ll believe whatever Goddess Nicole tells you, because Goddess Nicole knows what’s best for her sissy. What? Sissy? Yes. Sissy. You are a sissy, you have been for months, and now it’s time to take you further into your sissy training. Wake up sissy, it’s time to get pretty, for Goddess Nicole.

Sissy Training With The Black Queen Of Mindfuck

Where do you go from here, sissy? Well you call me of course. You can reach me on niteflirt, Ebony Goddess Nicole is the name. Custom sissy mindfuck audios is another option. Contact me at nicole@ebonygoddessmindfuck.com or email me on niteflirt, to discuss your feminization needs. Until then, I’ll be watching you, pink sissy.

Ebony Goddess Nicole

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