Ebony Hot Wife Switch Bait – Gang Bang Humiliation And Degradation

Ebony Hot Wife Switch Bait
Ebony hot wife switch bait, is a sordid tale of what happens when women get tired of your shit. Call me on niteflirt: 1-800-863-5478 ext: 12191732

Oh, it’s you again. The white so called alpha male who wants to see his Ebony hot wife, fucked by multiple men. Except… I’m a vengeful woman, and I’ve had more than my fill of men and their tiresome fantasies of degrading and abusing women. So today beloved… you’re the one who’s getting fucked.

Ebony Hot Wife Switch Bait Gang Bang

One of two things is going to happen after I’m done fucking you and passing you around. 1. You will need therapy for what I do to you. 2. You will beg for me to do it to you again. 3. You gon learn to respect women. Oops, that was 3. Anyway I don’t care about your feelings. You wanted to be governed obviously. Your need to degrade women speaks volumes. It tells me your mother didn’t teach you to respect and cherish women.

White Male Privilege And The Result Of Coddling

It’s not her fault really, women are often taught the opposite of the truth: Women are the real powerhouse and must be respected, protected, and provided for, because women are the prize. Your mother was never taught to love herself, and that’s why your fucking stupid ass is sitting here trying to gang rape your wife in your filthy phone sex fantasies. That’s okay, there’s a simple way to make amends for your faux pas. Offer yourself as tribute to my godly male counterparts.

Ebony Hot Wife Switch Baiting

That’s right beloved. You get to be the prize oinkling, and squeal for Goddess Nicole. What are all those big, strong, well endowed men going to do to me? TO ME??? Darling, they answer to me, they respect me, you on the other hand, should start praying. You see, your time for understanding and second chances has run out, and I’m not going to stop until you’re drunk with the seed of these men and unable to form intelligent sentences because you’re crying.. and limping.

Ebony Hot Wife Domination

The narrative of the hot wife getting fucked by multiple men while her husband watches is old and tired. I’m tryna see something, be entertained, and enjoy a little schadenfreude at your expense. So your first lesson in respecting black women is going to be very physical. I’m going to let these men do depraved things to your body, and the mindfuck, is that you want it, you’ve always wanted it haven’t you?

Gaslit By An Ebony Femdom

The sadist in me, loves watching the bitch in you, cry. I enjoy having power over you that you gave over willingly. You wanted to be used and abused by other men and coerced into being a cuckolded rent boy for hire. You said so yourself, several times, don’t you remember? When I’m done with you, your body, mind, and holes, will feel as though they don’t belong to you. Because they now belong to me.

Ebony Hot Wife Switch Bait Audios

In addition to my CBT mindfuck audios, the Ebony MILF does enjoy a little sadistic white boi degradation. So while I can’t tell you, what I’m going to do to you, here, I promise you, it will be extreme, intense, and you will have a powerful erection for weeks after your mental and physical destruction. You also won’t be able to walk right.  The audios will be available for my pleasure, soon. Keep an eye on this space for more information.

Calls With The Ebony Hot Wife

If you would like to call the Ebony Goddess, you better be quick and catch me while you can. You can call me on either niteflirt or IWantPhone. For custom audio requests please message me on niteflirt or AVNStars. Payment for customs is expected before production begins. I will have my time respected, and that is a priority. I hope your mind is wandering with masochistic thoughts of degradation and humiliation at the hand of Goddess Nicole. Until we speak again, be well.

Goddess Nicole

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