Do You Have A Black Women Fetish?

black women fetish
If you have a black women fetish, Ebony Goddess Nicole would love to hear your reasons why you love black women.

No shame, just curious, and if you do have a fetish for black women, I’d love to know a few things about your ebony fetish.

Black Women Fetish

How old were you when you first became curious about black women specifically? Have you ever interacted, dated, befriended, been in a relationship or married to, a black woman? What is it that you love about black women? No holds barred, be honest. I’m just curious as to – aside from our skin, hair, varying complexions, what the draw is for white men and for non black poc men.

Black Love Is Self Love

I used to be very insecure about the color of my skin and the fact that I was not only the darkest person in my family, but one of the only black people in my school. As I got older, black love and self love became one in the same for me, and then I discovered even more, that white men love black women. They either love fucking them, or worshiping them, sometimes both, and especially in various parts of the world…. but…. what about beyond the fetish?

Is Fetishizing Black Women Wrong?

Not really as far as I’m concerned. So long as you remember that black women are people too, just like yourself, and make sure that outside of your arousal for us, that you show respect. I both follow and support black women daily on social media and the industry I work in, and I am honestly in love with the beauty that radiates from us. So it’s not hard for me to understand why the world around us gravitates, emulates, simulates, and is influenced by everything black women do. We’re the prototype, after all.

Popular Kinks For Ebony

There’s so many, so let’s just get this first one out of the way: Race play. I do reverse race play, ie: black supremacy. I DO NOT do raceplay where I allow anyone to degrade me as a black woman, with one tiny little aside: I enjoy switching.  Who I switch for, depends on many different factors including maturity, comfort level, safety to my mental and emotional and physical state. I do not discriminate as to who I will play with, race wise, so long as you pass a lengthy trial necessary for my wellbeing.

Have I Ever Done Race Play?

Yes. When I started out in phone sex I did any and every and I DO MEAN EVERY type of kink imaginable and some you cannot imagine. I was new to sex work and phone sex work and was interested in what type of calls pso’s get. I found out very quickly that there are white men that have this fantasy of throwing the n word around and degrading and/or fucking black women.  After that experience, I learned what my limits were and what my hard limits were. So now if someone wants raceplay, I mean really just has this undying need to use “that word” they have to pay me extra for the mental state it would require. A lot more.

Other Popular Kinks For Ebony Including Femdom

I’m not going to mince words here: Black women make excellent femdoms. Because we learn from a young age not to put up with anybodies shit, and because we have to be very strong from a young age. Fragility is a very privileged feminine energy that black women are reclaiming now, but since we’re talking about femdom, I will say I’m fine with putting on my bitch boots in a professional environment, and whipping you until my name and spirit is engraved into every cell of your being. If you’re bitch-made you will be owned. Period.

Cuckolding Giantess And Supernatural Fantasy

The whole point of fantasy is escapism. While we’re currently experiencing some trying times, I like to escape into fantasy just as much as my mostly white callers do. I’m just not shy about talking about issues regarding race, and I’m not about to start. But my favorite fantasies are by far the ones that imprint on your subject and leave an after effect, long after the scene ends. Cuckolding fantasies and Giantess are both femdom related kinks. Cuckolding in fantasy is usually much more extreme than “REAL” cuckolding is. Because they deal with degradation to a degree of completely destroying someone’s life.  Giantess deals with destruction, overpowering, and very often vore, and sex. I have a thing for using white men as dildos, and the more extreme ebony Giantess play.

Ebony Taboo Subjects

Ebony gender play and strapons is another form of kink I like to employ because I enjoy it. I’m a cis-gendered woman, and one of the most popular fantasies many men have, is the combination curiosity of being with not just a black woman, but a black woman with a dick.  The rest of my kinks are those that would require you speaking to me one on one about, and are much too dirty to put in print. (seductively winks)

Indulge Your Black Women Fetish

By calling me on Niteflirt: 1-800-863-5478 ext: 12191732 You can also call and buy my clips at IWC: Nicole Renee IWantPhone Hit me up if you have custom ebony audio ideas and would love to hear me purring your name, pulsing through your headphones.  I’m available for requests, just use the NF chat feature to message me. Remember there are no wrong answers, every answer leads to learning and discovery. Have a wonderful evening.

Nicole Renee


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