CBT And Genital Pain Play

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A kick in the balls can change anyone’s outlook, and this is the CBT Genital Pain Play blog that the Ebony MILF Mistress promised you. You’ll be seeing stars for some time after the shoe, the boot, the bare foot, makes that clean connect straight to your nuts. Everything goes blank, you get a mental reset of a sort – just like erotic hypnosis, and as you rock back and forth waiting for the pain to subside, you can think of naught else, but the family jewels you cradle. And it makes me smile, bringing tears to your eyes. Now how’s that for a hypnotic mindfuck?

CBT And Genital Pain Play

Making men cry by physical cock and ball torture, is deliciously entertaining. Watching you be humbled by the very thing that gives you class and privilege – knocking the fucking wind right out of your sails, and proving once again that your male privilege is very superficial. If you take the cock and balls away, what do you have? Nothing. You’re just a dickless Ken doll with plastic hair and useless parts.

Cock And Ball Torture With A Sadistic Ebony Goddess

It’s that sort of humbling that affluent men pay for, actually. They know they have their status, and fancy houses and cars, and they also have their high status careers… and yet you white bois pay me to take it all away from you, to strip you of your title with one swift kick, and bring you to your knees. As I stand over you and laugh, and ask, “did that hurt?” Hmm.. not nearly enough.

The Ebony Goddess Likes Cruel Devices

There are a multitude of ways I can hurt you. Whips, spikes, weights, ropes and clothespins. And the more creative you are with your pain play, the more I enjoy making you suffer. Since we are in the midst of a pandemic, distance BDSM means I instruct, you obey. You cry, I laugh. I’m laughing right now at the thought of you ugly crying because I made your dick hurt.

CBT Pain Play On The Phone

So let’s say you’re a pain slut of some sort, who wants a Black Mistress to torture him endlessly, but you can’t seem to find a playmate, because of all this social distancing and horrid state of the world. Now’s a wonderful time to serve an Ebony Goddess, via the phone sex route, and let me virtually play with your cock. I make no promises that I won’t break you.. or it. The risk is yours to take, and if you’re not a scared little boy and you really are about that life, you can call me on Niteflirt, and we’ll discuss the varying dimensions of CBT and pain play.

Call The Ebony Goddess Of Mindfuck

I don’t do any kind of free play, so don’t bother me with fluffed words and empty promises. Dedication to me, looks like dollar signs, and I have bills that need to be paid just like everyone else. So if you want me to rate your dick, kick you in the dick, mangle your balls, and make you scream and cry, call my niteflirt listing. You can also send a dick rating payment. Send extra and I’ll record a dick review audio. I’m a busy woman, so find me in the evening, and be quick about calling, because I’m a popular lady. Be well.

Goddess Nicole

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