Ebony Hypnodomme Supermodel Takes Over The Embassy

Ebony Goddess Coerced Intox
Ebony HypnoDomme takes over the Embassy. Call Ebony Goddess Nicole on Niteflirt 1-800-863-5478 ext: 12191732

It was the first time you encountered the Ebony HypnoDomme Supermodel. This was a sight unseen for most at the embassy. A tall, leggy black woman, wearing stiletto heels and a miniskirt that barely covered the tops of her thighs. If her goal was to create a spectacle and turn heads, she had certainly turned yours. But then something altogether odd happened.

Her Stare Nearly Made You Wet Yourself

The leggy Goddess turned and looked directly at you. All at once the air around the sexy Ebony MILF started shimmering. Smiling, she walks over to the concierge, and what you see happen before you sends shivers up your spine. The receptionist’s face goes blank. You see her mouthing words back to the mysterious woman. Everything afterward happens so quickly.

Gooning Mindfuck

The Guards Were Next To Fall Under Her Spell

Watching like a frozen statue, you witness the guards escorting her to the elevators. Past security clearance, mindlessly surrounding her and leading her upstairs. The elevator doors close, and you rush over, noticing that time seems to be frozen all around you, and her. Standing in front of the elevator doors you watched her enter, you push the button, and instantly the doors open again.

Waiting For You She Beckons You With A Single Hand

Dropping to your knees, you crawl into the elevator, and kneel at her feet. There is just a sliver of your tiny brain, struggling to understand what’s happening to you, and everyone around you. “Stare at my legs,” you hear her say, and you obediently drop into a trance, gazing at her silky legs, all else forgotten.

Minutes Turn Into Hours

You awake in your own bed. Images and sounds of pleasure, moaning, and intimate obscenities fresh in your mind. Disoriented and confused, you first think you must have dreamt everything that happened. And then you grab your tv remote, and turn on the news. You watch the news report, Embassy security had been breached. They show camera footage of disoriented guards and employees, and then pictures, of the mysterious black woman, with the long legs.


Dropping Into Trance Once More

As soon as you see her legs, all the memories come flooding back. The voice; the elevator; the guards, and everything that happened afterward. You stumble out of bed, and head for the bathroom to splash water on your face. The face you see in the mirror is one of a man who does not recognize himself. You walk back into the bedroom, and check your phone. One missed call from a restricted number, and a text message, from a stranger…

More Hypnotic Mindfuck

We’ll stop there. Don’t want to give too much of the story away do we? No, of course not, because if you want to continue, you need to reach out to me and call me. You can call me on Niteflirt, and then we can spin a little Ebony mindfuck of our own. In the meantime, check out my Niteflirt goody bags, and enjoy the lasting effects of erotic hypnosis. Until next time…

Ebony Goddess Nicole

Call Ebony Goddess Nicole On Niteflirt 1-800-863-5478 ext: 12191732

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