BBC Cuckolding And White Mens Fetishes

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Yeah, I’m aware white women fetishize black men, but they learned that shit from their bitchass counterparts. Oh I’m always choosing violence. In short I don’t have a problem with the fetish per say, because I know what “some” black men are like, and baby have at it. LOL But since we’re on the subject of BBC cuckolding, can I ask yall a question?

BBC Cuckolding – Is It Really That Hard To Ask For?

So listen I am fully cognizant of the BBC fetish overall, and the BBC Cuckolding kink, and how problematic it is. But like… are yall okay??? Because it seems like where black women are concerned yall are terrified to speak directly and ask for what you want, and insist on playing stupid games and winning stupid fucking prizes. Which is why I’m asking you: Is BBC or BBC Cuckolding really that hard to ask for? Because I know yall don’t play this silly game with white Dommes.

Why The Weirdo Act With Black Dommes?

So why is it then? Hmm? Speak up bois cuz I really wanna know. I meet two kinds of white male subs, the first are the ones who worship the ground I walk on, and the second are the weirdos who act like they failed communication in grade school. So how do I know yall don’t do this shit with white Dommes? Femdoms some of us, actually talk to each other. So we know who’s lying, who’s broke, and we see how yall behave when you think we don’t notice.  But back to cuckolding.

BBC Cuckolding With The Ebony Goddess Of Mindfuck 1-800-863-5478 ext: 13715282

BBC Cuckolding With Black Femdoms

You will never ever get a more rounded cuckold experience, than you will with a black woman who knows black men like the back of her hand, quite literally. I do get the allure of “white woman/black man” I understand more about this particular category of cuckolding, than you snow tortoises think I know. Your fascination with black men has a long rich history. White women’s fascination with black men also has a long rich history. On the flipside, keeping black women as bed wenches and the jealousy that ensued, also has a rich history. It’s why I won’t do raceplay unless you pay me 500.00 per minute, pay all my expenses for life and pay all my psychiatry bills. My wellbeing is expensive, so is that word you’re so obsessed with. You know you’re privilege doesn’t extend to blackness.  Furthermore you know you’re inferior. But there is one more thing you might be unaware of.

Did White Men Cuckold Themselves?

The short answer is yes. And if you bought my new Ebony Mindfuck Cuckold Training audio, you know exactly what you did to yourself. Some of the richest, most popular celebrities (or formerly popular) can’t have regular sex with women. So what that means for non rich, non famous white men is… I think you know where this is going. If it’s any indicator, the reason you’re weak for BBC has everything to do with you. What does that have to do with anything, you ask? Oh honey… you know.

You Get Off On Humiliation

Or you wouldn’t be here. Now I’m going to tell you why being a BBC cuckold for a black woman is a huge level up. Or maybe I won’t tell you, maybe I’ll make you pay me to tell you, why you crave black women humiliating and cuckolding you.  Think about what BDSM is. It’s a power exchange. If your real life is any indicator, you’re probably used to having power and influence, and are oblivious to what it’s like to be anything but a pink dicked white male.

Your Fascination Becomes Your Addiction

I enjoy dominating men regardless of ethnicity. But you white bois? For me dominating you is like reparations, and the ways that I own you motherfuckers, is quite hilarious to me, because you don’t even realize I’m doing it. You willingly hand over your money to me, all to suck some BBC and objectify your wives. I know my power, because I know your weakness.

Ebony Cuckoldress Vixen

I like white bois who worship black women, but I especially enjoy dog walking white cucks who are obsessed with BBC, because I know the road you’re going down. So let’s go back to the beginning of this blog: Why are you so scared to ask black women for BBC Cuckolding? I’m not going to take wild guesses. I want to hear it straight from you. I already know the answer.

BBC Cuckold Training On Niteflirt

I have a new listing Ebony HypnoDomme Goddess Nicole that’s me. I also have a few new audios available, so if you haven’t purchased my goody bags lately, now is a wonderful time to do so.  If you would like to call me tonight 1-800-863-5478 ext: 13715282 That’s the number you dial or you can connect directly from online. So let’s run through this again, to ensure we understand each other: YOU NEED ME to teach you BBC Cuckolding. Bring your wife with you, I’d be happy to knock her screws loose while you watch. I know you like to watch. *kisses* Learn from the best, learn from the Ebony MILF.

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