Dear Dusty Men – An Ode To Avoid Fucking With Bitch Niggas

Dusty Men
Goddess Nicole shares her views on dusty men, black women, and yes, this is a phone sex blog rant.

I know this is not technically phone sex content, however it’s my blog and I will post about the topics that are important to me, and hopefully this will also educate my callers. Because the goal with me is always bettering myself, and in turn bettering the energy around me. And a topic I’m passionate about is black women, and how we are treated by black men, and the rest of society, and black women who’ve done well for themselves, ending up with scrubs.  Honestly, nothing saddens me more than seeing wealthy established black women with dusty men who have nothing to offer but dick, and sometimes that’s not even worth it. Even worse is the fact that because of black women’s upbringing, many of us were taught to take whatever and hold onto what you get, also toxic. Quite frankly if there is one thing that shacking up with a man (and his family) taught me, it’s that I can do bad by myself.

Dusty Men And Their Toxic Nonsense

I penned something earlier, and posted a podcast on the subject, because I honestly want to know, what a broke bitch ass man has to offer aside from dick, and why yall think a woman should take care of your ass when you’re clearly not out of diapers yet? And how the hell are you broke? Broke men don’t make dollars or sense to me, you literally have male privilege and can hustle if you have to, to make ends meet. How in the fuck are yall okay with being laid up under a woman and letting her take care of you while you do fuck all?

Dick Is Not A Commodity

I cannot tell you how many times when asking a man what he had to offer, the first words out of his mouth were, dick. And then I blocked him. Seriously though, that’s all your offering is dick, and you expect, in exchange for dick, for a woman to provide for you and treat you like a king???? FUCK OUTTA HERE….. If no one told you, your dick is not a commodity, and some of yall can’t even fuck right, which brings you down to negative zero. Being a broke dusty isn’t cute, and being an established black woman taking care of a broke dusty is not a fucking power move, ladies. Trust me, once he’s drained you he will leave you for a pretty young thang and then take care of her, or even worse, he’ll move onto the next female cash cow that turns his eyes into dollar signs.

Black Women Deserve More Than Broke Dusty Men

Ladies you deserve a King, a provider, good dick, has all his chakras aligned, a sense of purpose, secure financially, helps pull his own weight… ALLA DAT. And if you’re not even getting good dick, why are you bothering with these clowns? Sadly I see beautiful sisters getting hoodwinked, brainwashed, dick whipped, and we don’t have enough time to talk about the toxicity with black women, so I’m going to address the toxicity of dating and marrying down after establishing yourself.  DON’T FUCKING DO IT.

Black Women And Healthy Kings

If anything you need to focus on attracting healthy, mentally and financially and EMOTIONALLY stable men. When I refer to dusty men, it’s not just black men, however dusty black men are the biggest perpetrators to the disrespect of black women. There are black men that literally hate themselves and take it out on black women, and blame black women for whatever issue they’re having instead of taking accountability.

Accountability Is Key

Ladies if a man looks at you to treat him like his mama, without doing anything for you, or taking care of you, RUN LIKE HELL. These dustys will try and break you down and convince you that no one else will want you or want to be with you. Honestly… I have no issue being alone, however in the past couple of years I’ve met men who actually love and want to provide for black women, so yes they do exist, just please stop dumping all your time and resources and energy into niggas who will never appreciate it, or you.  So that’s the first step for everyone, is doing an assessment and finding out what your worth is or if you have none and need to buy yourself some business.

Healing Dusty Men

Men are responsible for healing themselves, and any man who tries to con you into believing you need to teach, train, heal, council him, is a fucking bum ass bitch who has never done any self reflection. Men need to fall on their asses and stop expecting black women to take responsibility for them. I am tired of this lame narrative. So my message to dusty bum ass niggas is you better fix your shit or may god be with you because baby it won’t be me. Please also be aware that wealthy men can be dustys too. Just beware of toxic niggas who literally hate black women.  I’m just sick of seeing raggedy men trying to manipulate women into taking care of them, and spending and wasting time on them. And this happens the most with black women, and we have been far too accepting of it and that needs to stop. Yeah, these niggas will be mad when you tell them no, and deny them time, pussy, and attention they have been raised to believe they are entitled to, but if we don’t start holding men accountable for their behavior, especially black dusty men, then they will continue to be bred as such, and poison everything around them.

Dusty Women

That’s a whoooole other subject, and yet an important one, because of struggle love, and toxic love. All I can say is ladies love yourself first, put yourself first, and once you figure YOU out, then you can better choose a partner that will be part of a healthy relationship. Because a lot of black women have become toxic and jaded and picked up bad habits that nobody told us to avoid, so we also have to take accountability. Just please let these dusty black men fend for themselves. I promise you they don’t need saving.

What In The Hell Is Going On Nicole??

The world is shifting, the veil has lifted, and folks need to wake the fuck up.  I am an advocate for – first and foremost, black women, and I always will be. All of us need to do better, black women need to focus on healing ourselves, and letting everybody else do themselves. So therefore I am done fixing anybody but myself, this is just a psa to black women everywhere that it’s time for us to heal us, and let everyone else fix their own messes.

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