Locktober Halloween Chastity Training

Locktober Halloween Chastity
Celebrate all things spooky with Locktober Halloween Chastity, being owned by Goddess Nicole 1-800-863-5478 ext: 12191732

As the title states, this blog is about Locktober Halloween Chastity Training. I want you to learn how to please Goddess Nicole this month, and quite frankly next month, as this month is almost over. Locktober is not lost on me though, and I realize I don’t discuss chastity as an essential part of Femdom nearly enough. So let’s dive into beginning your chastity journey now, and continuing well after Halloween.

Locktober Halloween Chastity And Mind Control

It’s pretty obvious unless you’re slow, what Locktober means for the submissive male, or male born as some trans women also partake in Locktober. Chastity is serious business, and having a keyholder is something you must take careful thought and consideration on. You probably don’t want to give your chastity key to just anybody. However I’m going to give you all the wonderful reasons you need to hand your keys over to me. Number one, I will make sure to keep you busy during your chastity training. So that you won’t have any thoughts of straying to the land of the weak minded beta, who can’t keep his hands off his dick.


Locktober Halloween Chastity And Mind Control

Being in chastity is the first step to learning discipline in all things; learning to take orders and follow directions, and learning how to please me. I’m only interested in doing Distance Domination and chastity training with serious individuals who are serious about serving me. Part of your chastity training with me will be erotic hypnosis. Since that’s pretty much my top niche, and if you ever spoke to me you’d know why – it’s important to note that subliminal programming can help instill positive reinforcements to keep you on course, and focused. Focused on me.

Distance Domination – Locktober Chastity Training

I want you to be the best little cock locked subby for me. You’re doing this for me, to please me, and serving me is a privilege. Therefore failure is not an option. I shouldn’t have to state the obvious – but if you’re broke I have no use for you. Sadly I do have to state the obvious, to discourage the broke bottom feeders from contacting me. Also, there is fantasy chastity and real chastity. Fantasy chastity is not a service to me, it’s your fantasy and when the call is over you go back to being and doing whatever and whoever you are. Real chastity means I own you, and you answer to me.

Chastity Training Assignments

What your training will entail depends on my availability and your capability. So where should you start? You can start your chastity training without having a cock cage, by buying my audios, making a playlist, and listening to my voice in your head to enhance your experience. I only offer distance Domination and virtual training at this time, and I would encourage you to consider virtual chastity training with me via the virtual world. You will need some level of competency regarding pc gaming, if you’re going to embark on virtual training.

Locktober Halloween Chastity And The Impending NOvember

November is my  Ebony MILF birthday month – which you would know if you read the secret of the hypnotic Scorpio, and Scorpio season has already begun, so if you think this is something you’ll be interested in then we’ll need to have a chat beforehand. The best way to do that is by calling me on Niteflirt. Now as a quick note, please do not contact me outside of my associated payment platforms empty handed. I don’t care about you being broke or trying to save money, that’s a YOU problem and you will be expected to approach me properly if you want me to acknowledge your emails.  I get a lot of emails, so payment ensures they get seen.

Responding To Emails Requires Payment

I will also remind you that the only people who complain about having to spend money to get a response, are the ones who don’t have any. Again… not my problem. This is a rule of mine put in place because basically… timewasters ruined it for you. So now everyone is required to pay me to get a response. I don’t see the point of me having to suffer tolerating this sort of behavior in the name of customer service. You can pay for your customer service if you want it so badly.

Lastly Pay For A Call On Niteflirt If You Want Conversation

And please be forthright and use your words. You can also text me on Niteflirt if you’re too shy to call.  The Niteflirt number is  1-800-863-5478 ext: 12191732 and Ebony Goddess Mindfuck is my tagline. I also make custom audios if you are interested in such. I do hope to hear from you so we can begin your chastity journey. Happy Locktober, and happy Halloween.

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