Ebony Mindfuck Christmas – You’re About To Discover True Mind Control

It’s an Ebony Christmas Mindfuck from Goddess Nicole

There comes a time in many a submissives life, when they pass the point of no return, and they discover themselves doing things for the Ebony Goddess they never imagined they’d consent to. But they do consent, and most certainly surrender, to being many dehumanizing things, and a thing none the less.

Ebony Mindfuck Christmas

I just released Ebony Christmas Mindfuck on Niteflirt, and I’m not going to tell you what it’s going to do to you. I’m simply going to wait for its effects to take hold, and then observe your behavior when I test the limits of your submission. You will either need therapy when I’m done with you, or you will be so completely mindless, and owned by me, that you will not be able to imagine a life without me in it.

Ebony Mindfuck Holidays

It’s titled ebony mindfuck christmas, because in the season of giving and receiving, I can think of no better time to strip you of your identity. The time you normally spend with family and loved ones, suddenly becomes my time. You wait on my every beck and call, my every need and desire, even if it means missing time with others. Sometimes I purposely make you wait, just to see if you’ll comply.

Mindfucked For The Holidays

And then when you have degraded yourself to the point of no return – when your wife has divorced you, and the offspring has disowned you – then I will truly make you my slave. That’s the key, isolation, humiliation, degradation, mindfucking, until you no longer resemble yourself. Until you are less than human.

Your Wish For An Ebony Christmas Mindfuck

I disappear and leave you hanging on a thread of sanity, and every time I return you are more deeply devoted to me. You’ve lost your mind and your identity to me, and you can’t remember the wife, the family, the kids, yet somewhere deep down you know there was once a person. That person is no more. Only a thing, remains.

Your Ebony Mindfuck Christmas Instructions

Purchase the ebony christmas mindfuck from niteflirt. Send tribute via nitelflirt or avnstars as a personal thank you to me for taking your mind and your soul. If you wish for deeper, more intense training, call me on niteflirt. 1-800-863-5478 ext: 12191732  You can also send amazon gift cards to nicole@ebonygoddessmindfuck.com if you wish. I look forward to a delightful Christmas, fucking your mind.

Merry Christmas

Ebony Goddess Nicole

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Merry Christmas from Ebony Goddess Nicole