Entanglement August – Ebony Goddess Worship

Welcome to worshiping an Ebony Goddess during entanglement August.

Welp…. just found out it’s entanglement August, and come tomorrow Erykah Badu will be selling some pussy scented incense among other things. Since this is probably going to be a collectors item, I’m thinking about having someone gift me the incense. Why not be a part of Badu history… or herstory? That also got me to thinking about ebony Goddess worship, and how men can spoil me, and what they can do for me. I gotta tell yall a funny story about saying the words sugar daddies, on twitter. The menfolk dem be lurkin. LOL

Entanglement August – Ebony Goddess Worship

So my last blog post: Avoid dealing with bitch niggas – used some strong language, and I want to clarify, that while this is my “storefront” I also wish to attract the type of readers who can accept me and my outspoken font, without flinching. So this is my quick disclaimer: If my use of the word “nigga” or any other strong language offends you, you can see your way out. I am an ebony MILF with many years behind my belt, despite my young pixel appearance and young spirit. I like to keep it cute, I am cute, and I also will speak on whatever the fuck I feel like. And I want my “customers” to be the type of customers that enjoy reading what I have to say, and from the perspective of a black woman. I like to write, as you can see, and I have a lot of thoughts I like to pen, so here I am.  But back to the subject at hand, entanglement August and worshiping the black Queen.

Worship At The Church Of Ebony Goddess Mindfuck During Entanglement August

I love to travel, and I love being spoiled, though I will argue that I deserve all my good things in life, because I believe in black women living a pampered and luxurious life. And I have to tell you – completely off topic – that I was actually going to blog about CBT and my sadistic side, and then I got sidetracked by pussy incense, so here the fuck we iz.

My Kind Of Customers

I like customers who walk on the wild side and aren’t afraid to tell me what they really want, obviously you have to be a fan of erotic hypnosis, and as I have previously mentioned, I have a wide range of interests outside of hypnosis, including inflicting pain on good little subbies. And so that’s the first thing you need to know. The most important however, is that I like customers who show their appreciation in monetary form. I like paypigs and wallet slaves too, I just don’t solely focus on that. I do believe you will pay me for my time or be ignored, ya dig? With that said, I know some custies love sending more personable gifts, like the wishlist gifts, and I am open – within limits – to gifting suggestions, if there’s something you want me to have that you really think I’ll like.

Spoiling Your Ebony Goddess

So you want your computer, phone sex ebony vixen to be happy don’t you? Your precious beloved bvbygirl deserves to have the world does she not? I agree, I deserve to be pampered, especially if I’m going to be entangled with anyone who owns a dick, you have a dick, you can afford to spoil me.  And if I occasionally am wearing a dick, you can still spoil me.  More on that, another day…

WAP Ebony Goddess

Nothing makes my pussy wetter than money and gifts. It’s what motivates me to do more, for you. So if you want your ebony Goddess to go out of her way for you, you have to pay the cost to be the boss, boo.  Black women are out here fuckin up the game and I can tell you that I will continue to be a bad bitch, with or without the Megan knees. LMAO So… as of right now if you want to send me a gift, you can send tributes on my avnstars profile, or send amazon gift cards to nicole@ebonygoddessmindfuck.com as I do not have my gifting address set up, and I don’t play that mailing shit to my house… because some of yall are mentally unstable (and I don’t fuck with that level of cray cray), and I carry a piece for that reason.  Also… I need to update my wishlist, as it is a tad barren at the moment.

Fluffy Love And The Like

I have been asked if I have real pictures and the answer is yes. Will I post them online, not any time in the present future. LOL I am worth the wait I promise you, in the meantime you can ogle my avatar until the titties and ass comes out.  So here’s the stats boo: If you have any problems with big gurls, black women, older black women, MILFs, naturally saggy titties, again… see your way out. There are plenty of tight, younger, gorgeous women out there for you to give your attention.  And that’s what I love about sex work and being a hoe, there’s something for everyone. I cater to men who like a sassy, seasoned, intelligent, fluffy MILF.  Best believe I will sit all this ass on you, smother you, and you gon eat this ass and/or die happy.

Don’t Be Scurred… Call Me For Entanglement August

So you read all of the above and you’re all like.. “Ion give a fuck gimme some of that suga!” Say less! I’m on niteflirt as Ebony Goddess Mindfuck, and if you want to spoil me you can do so by purchashing my hypnodomme goody bags. I do love waking up to money, chaching, you know?  Speaking of that, I’m gonna head out and do some audios just as soon as I drop this blog post. Hit the niteflirt link to call me, and if you want to support the blog please subscribe to the rss feed and don’t be shy, share my blog links.

My Next Blog Topics

CBT coming soon and maybe I’ll blog about reverse hypno or Dom a Domme roleplays, and being the white man’s whore too. Nope, I don’t do raceplay, not like that, just a little softcore submissive interracial. I am a switch, after all. Peace.

Goddess Nicole


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