The Love Language Of Erotic Hypnosis – Trust

The Love Language of Erotic Hypnosis

My love language is money. If you read my last blog, edging and cumming – coerced orgasm erotic hypnosis, I discussed how I like to be appreciated. I like receiving money, I like buying nice things with money, and I like when people buy me nice gifts, with money. Compliments are nice, being acknowledged is nice too, but spoiling me with Benjamins? That’s how you get, and keep, my attention. Because I like to be taken care of. So what is the love language of erotic hypnosis? Meaning: The love language of the subject being put under. It’s trust.

The Love Language Of Erotic Hypnosis

When you call me for phone sex, or listen to my audios, you’re trusting me. With your mind, your spirit, and your body. You’re trusting me with that which makes you the most vulnerable. In exchange for that trust, I give you a delicious mind melt, and over time of getting to know me, and serving me, I make you a better person.  You can’t get anywhere, in any type of relationship, without trust.

Loving Erotic Hypnosis

The loss of control, the sweet bliss of being out of your head for a while, that is what you trust your hypnotist with. My love language may be money, however my favorite thing to do – hobby and work hazard if you will – is to get inside your head, plant triggers, whip your soul and spank your brain, make your cock twitch with programmed want. I have a gift, I want you to experience that gift. You can only experience that gift, if you trust me, to lead you to the underworld, and trust that I will safely bring you back up, for air.

Trance And Mind Control

Have you ever been to a BDSM dungeon, and experienced subspace? There are many ways to get there. For some it’s being whipped, for others it’s being ball crushed, and then there are those who will simply fall under, allowing their Dominatrix to do whatever she wants, and push them past their limits. I love to fuck. The thing I love to fuck the most, is with your head. I want, to fuck your mind, penetrate it deeply, and leave you dripping and weak for me.

The Ebony Goddess Mind

Erotic hypnosis takes a lot out of me, because it’s an exchange of not just power but also energy. The transference can invigorate you, or leave you spent, and every session is different. I’ve dabbled in psychology – not enough to be an expert in the field – enough to know that the mind bypasses the body, and can make even the slightest suggestion feel real. Have you ever had a sexy dream and orgasmed from it, without ever touching yourself? That is an example of how powerful the mind is.  The mind is what makes erotic hypnosis programming real. Trusting me with your mind, is a pleasure that I don’t take lightly.  Only because I have been on the other side of the mind control exchange. Subjects, make the best hypnotists.

Love And The Power Of The Mind

People fall in love with me easily. Not sure why, I do not think I do anything specifically unique, and yet, I know that I do. Could be the mother energy I carry, being an Ebony MILF and all. Look for me this Valentine’s Day, and let’s see how much fun I can have playing inside your head. You’ll be a brand new person, programmed, owned, submissive, and mine. I do phone sex sessions on Niteflirt, look for Ebony Goddess Nicole, and I look forward to mindfucking you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

Goddess Nicole

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