Gender Bending And Feminization

Let’s talk about gender bending and sissy feminization.

I’ve mostly focused on erotic hypnosis, and now I’d like to discuss gender bending and feminization. Within fantasy there is one that crosses over to fetishes and deep desires. Like wanting to be transformed into another gender, and being a cis hetero male who is curious about cock. And not just in a more realistic setting, the fantasy comes into play, when you want to add a little magic, to your kinky time. For example, the male to female transformation, and going to sleep as a man, and waking up as a woman.

Gender Bending And Feminization Fantasy

In reality, you cannot simply poof into a woman. That’s all science fiction and fantasy fluff, having your fairy godmother wave her wand and give you titties and a vagina. However it’s a popular fantasy. Think stepford wife, but with sissies. Imagine being given a magical pill that turns you into a living bimbo doll. Being captured by a Femdom, and waking up in her secret laboratory, with bandages from head to toe. Cutting away the bandages to reveal your new feminine self. Of course, coercion and force and being transformed against your will, only to discover, you secretly like being emasculated.

Unwrapping The Inner Sissy

I tend to gravitate toward more scifi and fantasy in phone sex roleplays, because with the imagination, the possibilities are endless. You can embody the supernatural in ways you cannot, in reality. And there is much more to feminization, when you roleplay your gender bending curiosities. If you want to be a woman with a cock, you may do so. The term, shemale, or, tranny, while offensive to those who are transgender – because of the fetishization of transwomen – is a popular fantasy. I cannot begin to tell you how many men have had tgirl fantasies, where they are dominated by a somewhat cartoonishly proportioned, curvy woman with a great big ole dick.  And in fantasy, you can have the best of both worlds. So for some men, having tits, and a cock, is the best of both worlds.

Gender Bending Sissification

There are many layers to gender bending and “chick with a dick” fantasies. And this is not just for cis men, either. Part of the reason the “shemale” fantasy is so popular, is because some of the people that enjoy it, are trans and cannot come out as such. So for them, it’s safer for now, to indulge in fantasy, where they can be the woman they want to be, without any judgment. And I am all for safe spaces for anyone who is exploring their gender and sexuality, so long as it is consentual. While sissification is a lifestyle choice, others like being able to play around with being feminized, and then compartmentalize their fantasy, so that it does not encroach other parts of their life.

Gender Bending For Phone Sex Lovers – A Scene…

You are a man, who makes a wrong turn down a dark alley. The purple flashing neon sign reads, “psychic readings,” but that’s just a cover. For the service I really provide. Never having gone to a psychic before, your curiosity gets the better of you. Once seated inside at my table, I begin reading you like an open book. You’re here because something in your life is incomplete. Blown away by my accuracy, you try to play it off, but I know better. I hand you a potion bottle, and tell you to drink one ounce before bedtime. NO MORE THAN ONE OUNCE, I warn.   Of course, you’re a curious man and you don’t listen….

Finish The Sissy Story

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