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I get into a lot of kinky shit. I know my male callers also like some really kinky shit. As of late, it’s been getting tricky to offer all the kinky shit I like, due to certain words being banned from content sites.

Tribute Token – Banned Content

Words like – my personal favorite – Hypnosis. You also cannot say: Brainwashing, coerced, mind control, curry muncher (dear heavens, what??), scat, intox, and this list is very long, and sadly even some of the tamer words are getting yeeted onto the no no list. To say it’s annoying is putting it mildly. Considering that I do a lot of hypnosis, and some Ebony Findom here and a whole lot of Ebony Femdom and BDSM, there are certain words that I used to use on some sites – like hypnosis, and mind control, and coerced, and intox play – that I must now alter. Words that horny mind control sluts are searching for, and will pay for… you see where this becomes a problem?

Popular Taboo Fetish Content

Ah, taboo, another word that got cleansed in hot lava, thanks to some things I’m NOT going to discuss here. Yes, there’s been a few issues with banks, cards, payment options.. So at this point if I want to advertise shitting down your throat while shock tazering your nuts, I’d have to get very creative and hope that my target audience is just as good at word play; just as intelligent, as I am.  But I LIKE the words hypnosis and brainwash, and the idea that you’re losing control is the entire lure of the thing.

Hypnosis And Coercion

The word coerce being poo pooed was pretty much the last bastion of naughtyness that annoyed me to no end. It’s bad enough forced was finger wagged hard enough that even niteflirt folded on it, but then here comes the kink police banishing coercion – and suggesting we use “encourage” instead. How many ways can I say go fuck yourself with a rusty garden tool that’s been heated in a kiln?

When Saying Eat My Sh.. Means I Love You

So what is an intelligent – sadistic black woman – to do? Well… there is this blog, where you can find out just how deep down the sadist rabbit hole I will take you. However I want to sell my goddamn services – services that I excel at – without having to worry about some idiot with a red pen poking at it.  One of my options is still virtual world play. If you find me on “that other life” then we can talk about all the filthy nasty dirty adult things we want, without censorship. You also have the option of paying me instantly via virtual currency. WIN.

Tribute Token And Virtual Currency

And speaking of virtual currency, very soon we will have another option, and a wee inch more freedom, thanks to a company that supports hoes. When I say hoes I do mean sex work, Findoms, Femdoms, and all sorts of fetish spectrum – including distance Domination, phone sex, and audio erotica. That company is called Tribute Token.

Cryptocurrency Evolution

Now when it comes to crypto, I will admit that I do not know as much about it, nor do I fully understand it – however I understand its importance enough to be writing this blog post. There are some who already started using crypto currency as a form of payment, and I honestly can’t blame them. Evolution is happening, whether or not you wish to adapt. I’m a GenX bratty Domme, adaptation is encoded in my DNA. We can have a conversation about GenX and why we are the fearless leaders that we are… some other day.

Supporting Cryptocurrency And Digital Domination

If you want to support Tribute Token, I suggest you take that link, join the discord, look at their website, and read and research as much as you can, because their presale starts soon. If this all sounds foreign to you, don’t worry, I’m also learning as I go. The point I’m trying to make here, is that I really dig Erotic Hypnosis, and I market myself as an Ebony Hypnodomme, so not being able to use that nasty H word, is a real pain in the ass for me. Tribute Token is offering a platform for hypno heads and findom enthusiasts, along with any other kinky adult fetish that you can’t say the word for, on certain platforms.

Tribute Token Is A Big Deal

The other bonus for crypto, is that because it is being marketed as the “crypto of Findom” that’ll eliminate a bit of the broke loser riff raff.  Don’t even get me started on that subject, we’d be here for a while. I know I’ve mentioned I don’t heavily do Findom – except technically, damn near everything I do is Findom if you think about it. With a little razzle and dazzle peppered all around… I am a whore, after all. So this is me throwing my hat into the ring.. viva la crypto.

Support Us By Supporting Tribute Token

So what can you do to support Femdoms and Findoms and sex workers alike? And why you need to? That’s simple, if you’re into any of the kinks I mentioned in this blog, you’re probably looking for providers of that fetish. If you want us to keep churning out the filth you love so goddamn much, you need to support us having a payment platform that lets us create your desired smut. Because darling, this service is not fucking free. So here’s what you do:

Join the Tribute Token discord, for starters.  From there they can explain to you the purpose and importance far better than I ever could.

How can you support The Ebony Goddess of Mindfuck?

By paying me. You can leave tributes on AVNstars, or on my Niteflirt Phonesex profile – and you can also call me for a hypnosis session on Niteflirt – which is a phonesex site, and one of the only phone sex sites that still allows use of the word Hypnosis. Which is literally why I’m there offering *gasp* erotic hypnosis from an Ebony Domme.  If you pay any tributes on AVN, you will have to wait 7 days for the payment to clear. Before I so much as lift a finger in excitement. I’ll let you figure out why. If you want instantaneous gratitude, you can hop your ass on virtual, and pay me in virtual currency, which I will get instantly.  If you want to send cashapp, that is for “donations” only. You can only pay for services on my adult platforms or on virtual.

Humiliation Findom Femdom And Good Old Catfishing

Did you read my last blog on catfishing in the adult industry? Catfishing is also a kink, and it is also one that is under fire thanks to scammers more than likely.  It’s a kink I’m a part of by default, because I’m one of many who do use an entirely different identity online. If you like your kink dirty and on the wild side, while protecting your privacy, and you’re in compliance with a long distance D/s relationship with a (somewhat anonymous) pixelated Femdom, then I encourage – or downright demand if you’re into forced kink – you to call me or if you’re too much of a chicken shit, to buy my audio and video files. Or pay for custom audio files. Niteflirt phone sex is the easiest way to reach me. I look forward to draining your mind and your wallet, and turning you into my little crypto pet.

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