Cuckolding Gynarchy – The Future Of Servitude

The year is 2059 and the gynarchy reigns. Men are required to pay women a dowry of no less than 2 million dollars if they wish to marry. The women lead these relationships, and there is no promise of marriage even with payment. In addition to the dowry, men are required to be skilled lovers, intelligent, emotionally adept, and well endowed.

Cuckolding Gynarchy – The Future Of Servitude

Any of the men that fail to meet the requirements are left to the lower ranks of society, the seedy run down areas filled with sissies and BBC cuckold fetishists that no self respecting member of the gynarch society would be caught dead in. The men who cannot pay for a wife, and are less than in any of the ways needed, have the option to serve as male slaves. The only other options for them, being low paying jobs and the companionship of each other.

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The Cuckoldress Rules

Women being the ruling class can have, and get, whatever they desire. Wealth, travel, the finest accommodations, and as many lovers as they please. Which… yes, that means many of the wealthy “chosen” husbands, are cuckolded, and very often.

Cuckolding Gynarchy Isn’t Necessarily A Punishment

To say that men did this to themselves would be an understatement. Their schemes and plotting to control women all collapsed along with their loose grip on power. They learned what the consequences of their greed were, and paid the price. Of course the men who refused a Female Led society, were many of the basement dwelling, passport wielding embarrassments that often were seen in the past making fools of themselves.

A World Without Femdom Rule Would Quickly Perish

The truth is, that if men hope to be husbanded in the future, they’re going to have to eat crow and prostrate themselves before the one true god: Women. Without which they wouldn’t be here. Civilizations wouldn’t exist without women. No spawn would be born, without women. And since we have not advanced to farming test tube babies like the Matrix, if men want to exist, they will have to admit that they need us. And that keeping us happy and comfortable is essential to their survival as a species. Which leads us to distance domination and cuckolding.

Cuckolding Gynarchy Breeding Fantasies

In the future men would be held responsible for failure to reproduce, instead of women.  Imagine an all male born version of the handmen’s tale. If a woman didn’t want to ruin her body in childbirth, she could find a consenting woman to be a surrogate… keyword: CONSENT… boys. And if the “male” is failing to produce, he’ll be demoted and denied pussy privileges. Women deserve to be satisfied and comfortable, and for some women that means having more than one lover, and if she wishes, more than one husband.

Cuckolding And Financial Domination Go Hand In Hand

Keep in mind that suitors will still have to cough up that dowry, making a cuckoldress very wealthy in fact. Because her lovers also must provide monetary support, for her comfort. So a cuckolding gynarchy is quite lucrative for the Dominant woman.  The reality is that women don’t just deserve to have their sexual and financial needs met, it is our birthright.  So what would the cuckolding gynarchy look like, for the Ebony MILF vixen?

Ebony Cuckolding And Female Led Relationships

In my world I like expensive quality lifestyle, and quality dick, and a quality tongue. And… quality everything really.  So the cuckolding gynarchy for me, would look like having a lover on hand for when I’m horny, sometimes two or more when I’m feeling greedy, and if… and only if – I am in the mood for such, a handsome well groomed sub to clean up whatever messes I make.  Where good sex is concerned, I like to get messy, and the more orgasms the better.  Sex on a yacht, sex on a private jet, sex in a villa or the balcony of a suite. My life, well pampered, my rules.  My husbands are welcome to come along if they are permitted by me.

Cucks And Fuck Toys For The Ebony MILF Femdom

The cuckolding gynarchy would be a bit of a harem, for me, as it should be. Now there was a time when polyamory and polyandry were common and nothing shameful, and I am very much pro-polyandry, women having multiple husbands. If they choose. I’m also pro-cuckolding. Not any of this silly male centered cuckold porny crap either.

Erotic Hypnosis Will Be Part Of Your Cuckold Phone Sex Training

My cuckold gynarchy would also include some sort of male sporting activities. Like cuckolds being required to serve both men and women orally, take dick regularly – my strapon or a real one – and be an avid creampie eating cum guzzling slut, for me.  And plenty of Ebony Mindfuck Humiliation.  So if that’s something that interests you, I invite you to call me on Niteflirt where we can discuss the terms of your cuckolding servitude, to me. Call me on Niteflirt directly 1-800-863-5478 ext: 12191732 for all your cuckold phone sex fantasy needs. Tributes on Niteflirt are highly encouraged.

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Signs You Are A Cuckold – Ebony Cuckolding

Signs you are a cuckold
Read Signs you are a cuckold, and find out if it’s just a fetish for you, or you’re a real life cuckboy. 1-800-863-5478 ext: 12191732

If you’re reading this, there are many signs you are a cuckold, and this is one of the biggest tells. Cuckoldry is nothing new in terms of societal behavior. What may shock you to know, is that women have been cuckolding men for centuries, and long before any of us knew what that word meant. I enjoy being an ebony cuckoldress, when I’m not busy mindfucking you with erotic hypnosis. If cuckolding is your fetish, there may be some indicators deep within your psyche, as to whether or not you are in real life – a cuckold – or if you have ever been cuckolded, without your knowledge.

Signs You Are A Cuckold

Do you remember that girlfriend you had in school, that told you she was saving herself for marriage, but that she would allow you to eat her pussy? Of course you were young, naive, and didn’t know any better, but now that you think about it, her pussy was always… different.  Oh and there was that other woman you were dating, who broke up with you unexpectedly, gave you some half assed excuse… and several months later you find out, she moved in with another man, and had a baby. You do the math, you figure out she had to be fucking someone else while with you, for her to give birth when she did. Or perhaps right now, you are fathering a spawn that you’ve always wondered about, because he looks nothing like you, but the UPS delivery guy is extra friendly whenever he sees your wife.

Ebony Cuckolding Fantasies

So many those are some fantastical examples. Let’s talk about some of the more realistic signs you are a cuckold.  Like the fact that you watch a lot of cuckold porn, and you’ve confessed to me or another phone sex operator, that you wish your wife would cheat on you, and maybe you’d like to be part of the show. Teasing about your wife cheating on you, gives you an erection. Imagine that.  And while you may not be cuckolded in real life, you’ve indulged hot wife fantasies, and yes.. BBC fantasies – because yall are obsessed with black men and their penises and the contrast to your wife’s white pussy – Oh… you thought I didn’t know about that?

The Ebony Cuckoldress

I bet you also thought I didn’t know, that part of the lure of white men dating black women, is the idea that we know quite a bit about that big black cock you’re obsessed with? It was the inspiration behind my ebony hot wife fantasy audio, and also the reason I like flipping the script on dumb lil white bois like those reading this blog right now.  I know about the many variations in cuckolding, and the fantasies that you have stroked your dick to.

Knowing The Signs You Are A Cuckold

While most of these are signs you have a cuckold fetish, how much of what you just read, would make you an actual cuckold? There’s the million dollar question. So let’s pretend I’m your ebony hot wife, and I’ve just broken the news to you, that your offspring may have been fathered by someone else, and that I may have been fucking my ex man for the past 3 months, and coming home and sitting on your face. And while I’ve let you lick my pussy, I’m busting a fat nut and cumming on your tongue, imagining a real big dick inside me… one that does not belong to you.

Coerced Orgasm Erotic Hypnosis
Ebony Goddess Nicole wants to cuckold you, bitch boi.

The Raunchy Side Of Cuckolding

I also know how detailed some of you are with your fantasies. You know the ones, where you’ve been sniffing your wife’s used panties and notice how wet they are, and since you already know what sperm smells like – don’t act like you don’t know – you notice the tell tale signs of someone else’s cum, in her panties. Or maybe you notice she rushes to take a shower before coming to bed, or she does a lot more laundry lately, and has been behaving strangely. Or that she’s so happy to see you leave the house when you go to work – that you wonder if she’s telling you to have a great day, because she’s about to have a great morning, fucking your best friend… who’s been dropping by to make sure she’s “okay” while you’re at work.  But we can get wild if you want to, baby.

Prompts For An Ebony Cuckold Roleplay

Scene: Your older brother comes home to visit, and has been enjoying his stay much more than you can imagine;  your wife has been hooking up with her father in law, and he’s been making her scream Daddy. Or maybe that hot Ebony hot wife is having a good time with your mom or your sister? I know yall are nasty like that, so without going too far down the rabbit hole of debauchery, if you want to discuss your more taboo fantasies involving cuckolding, you’ll need to be paying me for that.  When you’re ready to explore your cuckold fetishes, you can call me on Niteflirt. Just hit the niteflirt phone sex link to be taken to my profile page, or dial this number: 1-800-863-5478 ext: 12191732  If you have enjoyed this blog, subscribe, and leave me a tribute. If you want to hear my voicing, talking about this cuckold blog, subscribe to my anchor podcast. If you have any other questions, would like to request a custom audio, email me at and I will be happy to assist you. I hope to hear from you soon.

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Ebony Goddess Cuckolding: I’ll Make Your Wife Call Me Daddy

Ebony Goddess Cuckolding: Nicole makes your wife call her Daddy. 1-800-863-5478 ext: 12191732

Alfred came home early to the amorous sounds of someone getting their brains fucked out. Upon first notice, he thought the sound was coming from the neighbors, and that perhaps they left a window open. And then he realized the sound was coming from inside his home. The home he shared with his 38 year old, full breasted, round assed, limber, blonde, wife. The color drained from his face, hearing her voice, and the filthy language she was using, with high pitched ecstasy.

Oh Fuck Daddy!! Yes This Pussy Is All Yours!

Closing the car door, Alfred’s hands began to sweat, heart pounding out of his chest, as he fumbled for his keys and his brain froze at the sounds he was hearing. Sounds that only got louder, once he was inside. Her melodic voice carried from up the stairs. His ears filtering out all else but the noises of the bed thumping against the wall, and her moans and begging. Alfred was horrified, but he knew if he expected anyone, to have any type of respect for him, he needed to go confront the man who was fucking his wife, and making her call him daddy.

Wet Slapping Sounds Filled The Air The Closer Alfred Got To The Door

Tears began streaming down Alfred’s face, he was devastated. 13 years of marriage to his college sweetheart, and in all of those years, she had never said half the things in bed, he heard her saying now. Least of which, were calling him daddy. He felt humiliated, so many thoughts running through his mind, as the space between him, and the half open door of his master bedroom, closed in. Everything, from the wet, slapping sounds, to the obscene filth that spewed from her lips as she got fucked, better than he had ever fucked her.

With A Clammy Hand Alfred Gripped The Doorknob Tightly

Pushing inward, and just before he opened the door, he saw his wife’s face of bliss, strands of blonde hair clinging to her face as she thrashed wildly. He moved forward, opening the door, and saw who was fucking his wife. His eyes went wide, hands dropping to his sides. The person his wife was calling daddy, wasn’t a man at all. She, was a gorgeous ebony goddess of a woman, dark, almond shaped eyes, full lips, and perky breasts. Her hair was pulled up in a tight ponytail, curled into a single ringlet that bounced and swayed off her shoulder.

Ebony Goddess Cuckolding: Who’s Your Daddy Bitch?

Her hands gripped Sasha’s well rounded hips, and his wife arched her back and moaned, pushing her face into the pillow. Neither woman stopped, or even registered he was in the room. At first.. And then after Sasha’s legs gave out, and she recieved the last of now several orgasms, collapsing on the bed, the Ebony Goddess stood up, and acknowledged him, with a condescending smirk. “Hello, you must be Alfred.” She grabbed the monogrammed towel from the loveseat at the edge of the bed, and wiped herself down, chuckling. “You didn’t tell me your husband was coming home early today,” she said.  “Sorry Daddy, I must’ve forgotten.”

“Daddy??” Alfred Repeated The Words Dumbly

His wife didn’t answer, but the ebony goddess who had been cuckolding him, regarded Alfred with amusement. “Yes, the daddy part was her idea,” she said, as she unbuckled the straps of her harness. “I insisted she just call me Mistress, but apparently she gets off on calling me daddy when she’s cumming.” Alfred was dumbfounded, unable to form a response, he just stared at the ebony beauty, and watched her glide across his bedroom, like she owned the place.

Ebony Goddess Cuckolding

So I’m sure you’re wondering how this is going to end. What if it’s not? This may only be the beginning for Alfred. Surely if you were in his shoes you’d have many questions. I can answer them for you, if you’re lucky enough to talk to me on the phone. And that’s what you will need to do, if you want to know what happens next. I can be reached on Niteflirt on my Ebony Goddess Mindfuck listing.  If you want to hear my voice, subscribe to Ebony Goddess Mind Melt, and listen to my podcast. I look forward to chatting with you about cuckolding, mind fucking, and so much more. Cheers.

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