The Summoning – Distance Domination With Ebony Goddess Nicole

Ebony Goddess Nicole – Distance Domination

Distance Domination began for him, virtually. It was a crossover, somewhat. With the press of a button, just one click would alert Jacob that a car was on its way to fetch him and bring him to her. He knew the rules: Always yes. Didn’t matter where he was, or with whom he was with. When the red light on his collar came on, his location tracked, the car would be there in a matter of minutes.

Distance Domination – Trains, Flights, And Her Fancy

The alchemy began on the metaverse, and continued with a “what if?” Just as she could summon him online and he was instantly teleported, what if the same could be done to add a layer to their macrocosmic experience. His Goddess’ vivid imagination being the catalyst for the “what if” becoming, “what is.”  Of course things were a bit slower in the world of the flesh. Which meant if he was summoned and she was halfway around the globe, he’d be on the next flight, the next train, with only time being their constraint.  Everything is faster in the metaverse, but mouseclick teleports would not be a physical reality for several thousands of years, yet.

Time Owned Them, As She Owned Him

While his Goddess didn’t enjoy having to submit to time, she did enjoy having a very wealthy puppet on strings, any time she desired.  When he finally knelt before her, he was never empty handed. And should the need arise and either of them were apart, the mouse clicks would do; the gifts sent would suffice; the cash and coin transfers would console. But once in her company, it was a ladies choice. Because the answer was always, yes.

Ebony Goddess Nicole – Black Mistress and virtual Femdom

Distance Domination – Remote Submission – Ignored By Satellite

He would kneel for hours at her feet. Camera pointed down at his naked frame. Some days she wouldn’t acknowledge him at all. Others she would order his performance to her delight. It didn’t matter what world they were in, he was happy to be at her feet. Until the time arrived that he would be so blessed to be used by her, and bent to her will.

Pain Is Pleasure, She Would Say

So much that when he wasn’t crying out from her inflictions, he would miss them and ached to be bound, teased, or whipped, by her. No one could compare. Her energy in the arena of exacting his control, was unmatched. And she always got her way. The welts, bruises, and reddened flesh on his thighs, he wore like kisses from her lips. It was never enough, he always wanted more. His insatiable lust to be her toy across oceans of data, surges of electricity, and miles of road and ocean, the reason he asked to be collared, and proved his devotion time and time again.

You Can Only Lead The Willing

If you’re unwilling to devote your life and purpose for breathing to such a woman; if you haven’t the mind or emotional fortitude to exist silently and do all she asks, my advice would be to leave her alone. She is an addiction you will long for, and there is no substance strong enough to ease the sting of rejection, should you be banished from her presence. A casual encounter will leave you longing for more, yet a woman such as Goddess is not a woman who can be bought or owned. It is she who will always own you.

What Is Femdom To A Powerful Woman?

If you ask her she will counter with a question: What is breathing without air? Breakfast without coffee? The flowers without the sun? It is a woman’s birthright to be in control. It is her right to Dominate and still be a feminine force to be reckoned with. And it is always her choice.  In some way, men have always submitted to women. Even if they thought it was them that were the leaders, and in control. You cannot exist without Femdom.

Ebony Goddess Nicole Invites You To Explore Distance Domination

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