Let’s Talk About Financial Domination (What It Is – What It Is Not – Why I Don’t Talk Much About It)

Ebony Financial Domination
Let’s talk about financial domination, and why outside of this blog, I don’t talk much about it. 1-800-863-5478 ext: 12191732

Greetings from the Ebony MILF aka The Ebony Goddess of Mindfuck aka The Ebony Hot Wife. So let’s get right to it: I don’t push financial domination. Periodt. And it has nothing to do with me bashing or disliking it, and everything to do with it being an oversaturated market. Disclaimer: I’m not bashing financial domination, so if you are a Findom please don’t come over here screaming and hollering.

What Is Financial Domination?

My understanding is that it’s control of someone’s finances. The perspective many have of it, is that it’s just people standing around demanding you pay them. Which… does happen, however, it can be an extension of Femdom, without being any part of it entirely. In otherwords you don’t have to be a Femdom to be a Findom. Or vice versa.

Pet Peeves – Financial Domination And Female Domination

The bit that grinds my gears, is freebieloading subs who expect free shit from Femdoms, and when you ask for payment, they accuse you of being a Findom, because they haven’t bothered to educate themselves. A lot of men online, confuse Female Led Relationships, with Femdom, and then are confused and heartbroken when they don’t get what they want, which is a D/s relationship. And then they start hollering about how they’re not paying for femdom. Well beloved… good luck with that.

Real Femdom And Real Findom

Femdom is multi-dimensional, in essence. And in some cases, so is Findom. Both are fetishes, with underlying fetishes layered in. So if a person has a Findom fetish, and the coin to play, they might seek someone to pay and play with.  There are also a lot of posers in the market. Meaning, a whole bunch of men, jacking off in front of phones or pc’s, fluffing Dommes with empty words and promises to pay money that they either don’t have, or have no intention of paying, in exchange for attention they haven’t earned.  It’s the oldest trick in the book – be careful out there.

Real Subs

I’m going to make this abundantly clear: I do not, never have, not about to start, chasing a goddamn sub for some $$. Nor will I beg anyone to motherfucking pay me. If you pay for my services, you’re also paying for my time. If you’re looking for free time, energy and attention, I’d suggest you start with a dating service, and not a Domme. Because we won’t entertain any of your foolishness (most of the seasoned vets anyway), and most of us aren’t looking for a *gag* boyfriend.  If you want my attention, you need to pay for it.

I Wonder If This Ever Works For Anyone?

I get plenty of “Miss how can I serve you” “Where can I tribute you” BS silly ass messages, from men who apparently think women are as stupid as they are. I’m a business woman, your empty words mean fuck all to me. My info if someone is serious about sending a tribute, is right there on my blog, on my social media, so playing dumb like you either can’t read or don’t know how to find this information, when you went out of your way to message me – and how did you find me? Oh yes… by reading and searching – is going to get you ignored.

Safety For Dommes And Subs

It is the holiday season, so please be careful, Dominants and submissives alike. Sadly just as there are freeloading scammers, there are also wannabes in the industry just looking to make a fast buck.  It’s the reason I will not accept any payments outside of the proper channels and on the platforms I use you have to verify your information. And that is for your safety and the safety of the artist. I say artist because I do much more than just put naughty subbies on their knees.

But Back To Findom What It Is Not

Anyone who creates content and charges for that content, expect to be paid, FOR THAT CONTENT. Being a Femdom is no different. I’m really sick of people behaving as if they are unable to grasp the concept. So no, Femdom is not Findom. Yes you do have a pay a professional for that service, it is not free.  And yes you can do both, if you want. I do both, one I don’t necessarily shout from the rooftops about. But if you want to play piggy bank, I’m happy to oblige you. If I do financial domination at all, it is in the realm of humiliation and making monetary amends for shitty white male behavior. Fitting.

Why I Don’t Talk Much About It

Again, oversaturated market, and I’d rather focus on my other skills and niches. Usually, if someone wants that particularly, they pay for it in addition to their other kinks. And also, if you are going to do that specifically, it has to be done correctly.

What I Do Shout From The Rooftops

This is a mindfuck blog, I do mindfuck things. I do roleplay things. I make shit. Sometimes I indulge in other kinks too. So if you wanted your dollars dominated, there is a place for that, and you have to ask for it, and send a proper tribute. For all else, reaching me for erotic hypnosis, and Ebony Mindfuck, and Femdom, and whatever other kinky thing you seek, is as simple as picking up the phone and calling me. I do prefer the rather diabolical and humiliating, but I’m open to other things as well.

Ebony Phone Sex Specialties

If you’re not sure what I do, or if I’ll be into it, just ask me.  If I do not do “your thing” I will simply tell you that. If you just so happen to be a Findom type person, I have a separate niteflirt listing for Ebony Findom. My style is Black Queen, reparations tax, and opening your purse to atone for the sins of your forefathers.  If you are NOT into that, and simply just want Ebony Femdom, Roleplay, Erotic Hypnosis, a good firm whipping,  Ebony MILF or to be feminized and dressed in a bra and panties, you can call my Ebony Goddess Mindfuck line. If you do wish to pay a tribute, you can pay me via Niteflirt, or directly from my AVN Stars Profile. And if you’re a gamer, you can pay me through the virtual world.

Phone Number And Link To Call Me

Niteflirt – Ebony Goddess Mindfuck    1-800-863-5478 ext: 12191732   I’m usually on in the evenings (or super early in the morning). Favorite my profile and drop me a line. You can text me from Niteflirt as well.  Message me for custom audios. I do not at this time offer cam or videos. If you have any other questions for me, email me nicole@ebonygoddessmindfuck.com  Have a wonderful evening.

Ebony Goddess Nicole


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