Gooning Mindfuck – Ebony Goddess Nicole’s Journey

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Is the gooning mindfuck real? Of course it’s real. You wouldn’t be reading this blog if you didn’t believe. Losing your head is a good thing. Ebony Goddess Nicole knows this. That’s why she makes lovely phone sex audio files specifically for programming people like you.

Gooning Mindfuck – Ebony Goddess Nicole’s Journey.. For You

You’ve been watching, hesitant to call, but definitely interested. So you started with the very first file Hypnosis doesn’t exist. You figured it would be harmless. At first you felt nothing. You read her blog, Is Hypnosis real? And then something very strange indeed, happened to you. The gooning mindfuck. One night you were horny, and you decided to try one of those gooning videos. That was all it took.

Simulation Glitch Hypnosis

You Could Not Stop Yourself – The Gooning Mindfuck Took Hold

All you could hear and see were flashes of Ebony Goddess Nicole’s voice, her pixelated Ebony form, a voice telling you over and over to stroke. You began to realize that the title of her blog, Ebony Goddess Mindfuck, was no coincidence. This black woman knows exactly what she’s doing.  You become addicted to the gooning mindfuck. And her voice, her audios, her videos, and finally, you can wait no longer, and you call her.


Ebony Goddess Nicole On Niteflirt

Who is the Ebony MILF HypnoDomme, who operates behind a virtual black woman’s avatar? Is she a real person or some strange catfishing fetish impersonator? The truth is, yes, I am a black woman in real life. No, I don’t share my personal real life identity with people online – because some of yall are weird. But if you notice if you follow me on social media and anywhere else: I am VERIFIED on all my platforms. And yes, even if you call me for phone sex on Niteflirt, my influence is far reaching.  So why don’t you call me tonight, so we can get better acquainted, and I can give you a gooning mindfuck introduction you won’t soon forget. I offer phone sex, texting via Niteflirt chat or skype, and custom audios and videos. I do not do cam, for the aforementioned reason. Email me at for pricing. If you like my content and want to send me a vanilla tip or tribute, you can pay me directly by clicking the link (this option is NOT for services). If you prefer, you can tribute me on Niteflirt. My number and extension: 1-800-863-5478 ext: 12191732 on Niteflirt.

See you soon,

Goddess Nicole

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