11:11 On 11/11 And The Secret Of The Hypnotic Scorpio

Ebony Goddess Nicole educates you on the Hypnotic Scorpio power that compels you to call me.

Scorpios are magically tethered, naturally. Moreso than other signs simply because of the symbolism behind that zodiac sign. Does it mean the others are not powerful? No. I’ve seen Leos, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Aries spiritually fuck shit up. These are all powerful signs, so why is Scorpio considered the most powerful sign in the zodiac? I might be biased, but I will do my best to be clear.

The Secret Of The Hypnotic Scorpio

Scorpio is the 8th sign of the zodiac in the 11th month of the year. Unless you’re an October Scorpio that is. We still rule the first half of the month of November, just as Libra rules the first half of October before they hand over the reigns to the hellcats of the zodiac. I’m getting to the “why are scorpios so powerful” bit. Scorpio is bathed in feminine energy, rules the sex organs, reproduction, and is the sign of destruction and rebirth.

Many Scorpios go through three phases of their lives. 1. The “ignorant” phase. Gently put, less emotional regulation and a whole lotta fuck shit. 2. Wisened and self aware of our magic, the 2nd phase of the scorpion is more focused on their path and very quick to destroy their enemies as opposed to destroying themselves. 3. The enlightened reborn, like a phoenix rising from its ashes. We are the sign of transformation.

Scorpios have a gift for self reflection, self awareness and observation. Which makes us powerful when we have healed past that initial and secondary stage, and also extremely dangerous, if we decide to use our gifts for nefarious purposes. Most people are either terrified by us, or intrigued enough to step right into the spiders web. We’re also known to have hypnotic stares, which are intimidating to those with less resolve and weak constitutions. Which brings me to 11:11 on 11/11.

Gooning Mindfuck

The 11th Hour Of The 11th Month – 11:11 on 11/11

I’m sure by now many of you have heard of angel numbers. While that information was based on “made up facts” there is some truth scientifically to the power of sequences of 11’s, and beyond science, yes, spiritually this number does have the power to realign your focus and reach your goals. Most people never really thought about 11:11 or 1:11 or 2:22 and so on, until they heard about angel numbers.  I am not some religious fanatic, so I really don’t give a fuck what you believe, I do have a theory that the reason so called angel numbers work for people in terms of “intention” and the power of thought, is because it simply makes you aware of your thoughts and actions if you subscribe to such.  I don’t have enough data on mathematical number sequences, however if you research far enough down the rabbit hole, you can find that most things in life do have scientific meanings. I will tell you that the spirit is very much real, and math is part of it.

Except I hated math growing up, and numbers make my eyes cross. So I have had to reintroduce myself to math and science as it applies to spirituality, because there are patterns and sequences everywhere in nature, even if you’re not a math wiz.  Now what I’m about to tell you is based on my experiences, not on facts, these are my theories. You’re welcome to disagree with them and go on about your day. The reality is that individual experience for many – especially those of us on the African diaspora – is going to differ from person to person, and I don’t get in arguments with people on religious and spiritual practices because some things are outside of my knowledge base, so I stay in my lane.

Ebony Goddess Nicole - Hypnotic Scorpio Princess Deliciously Twisted Mind

Scorpio And 11/11 And 11:11

We are quite simply magical beings that adapt to any environment and have a strong self preservation drive.  Similarly to Sagittarius – the luckiest sign in the zodiac – Scorpions have a knack for getting what we want, that is less about luck and more about the power of our will.  You’ve heard of starseeds and indigos and crystals haven’t you? If not, short definition is enlightened beings that came to earth at specific times in this reality. To an atheist or some religious zealot everything I just said sounds like a crock of bullshit. And I suppose that’s fine.  I’m simply telling you that there are those of us with gifts on this plane of existence that defy scientific explanation.  And simply put: I always get what I want. Some things faster than others. *wink*

Scorpion Ebony Goddess Of Mindfuck

So yes, my birthday is this month, I don’t divulge that information to nosy melts for personal reasons.  You may also notice that most Scorpios are on one end of the spectrum or another in terms of truth. We’re either excellent liars or we are fact checkers who know when someone is lying to us and will call you out on your bullshit. Sometimes we’re both.  And then there is the hypnotic effect we naturally have on people. There’s a reason that people either love us or hate us. Yes I’m aware we can be absolute assholes, I own that shit. Pun intended.  People usually hate us because we’re in that stage one scorpio phase, or because they know they can’t lie to us or use us. Oh… and if you ever meet a scorpio, you will never forget them, good or bad.

I have never understood jealousy. Neither when I’ve myself felt it, or when someone else directed that towards me, and I’m usually completely oblivious to someone’s jealousy until I am told such. It’s a very toxic, ugly emotion, yet there are times when we all feel it. Let me give you a word of advice: If jealousy rears its head, it is an energy of lack. Sit with yourself and heal that wound, should the feeling arise.

There is also a difference between the energies of jealousy and envy. While both are similar, one indicates fear that something can be taken away from you, the other is indicative of wanting what someone else has. Both are equally toxic.

Serving An Ebony Hypnotic Scorpio Goddess

Pretty straight forward: Don’t use any of that desire smuggling, implied language bullshit with us. We see right through it, and will ignore you until you use your grown up words.  If you say something you better goddamn mean it. Back your words up with actions. I’ve been accused of being pretty hard assed when it comes to what I will and will not tolerate. If standing firm in my boundaries is being a hard ass, and refusing to kiss anyone’s ass or beg for attention is hard assed, then I’m THAT.  I am whatever your perception filter in your reality, thinks or perceives me to be. So how you approach me will determine how you are treated by me.

The Intimidation Factor

Because of the above factor, I would like to remind the meek and the timid, that so long as you’re respectful you can talk to me, without getting your head bitten off praying mantis style.  Furthermore once I get inside your head it’s already too late for you. I can only own the willing, you see.  So if you imprint on me you will either honor me and know bliss, or you will never know a moment of peace for so long as you live.  Most water signs are intense, but none so much as scorpio. Cancers are a very close relative and equally as crazy. (Laughter) Pisces also have that knack for either getting on your last nerve or inspiring the best in you.  Take that any way you want.

The Sexual Scorpion Realm

Sexual energy reigns supreme for Scorpios, it’s where we thrive and why we make excellent sex workers and Dominants.  My expectation of you is that you know how to show respect and follow MY rules or you go an talk to someone else who might coddle you and kiss your ass. There will be no coddling here.

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We can talk about whatever you wanna talk about, within limits. No raceplay, no goddamn spade symbols or QoS trash – unless you are black – and adult play ONLY.  Anyone is welcome to call me, LGBTQia, cis or trans, non binary, gender fluid. A reminder that I do cater to the sissy fetish, feminization and sissy training, gender bending and transformation, gooning mindfuck, hypnosis and many forms of Femdom mindfuck humiliation. If that triggers you or you find it offensive, that’s fine – MOVE AROUND. Don’t come in my house talking shit, if you haven’t educated yourself on BDSM and kink. I give 0 fucks about the opinions of ignorant 20 somethings still sucking on their mommas left titty.

Don’t Let These Silly Yt Bitches On Twitter Get You Fucked Up

So yes we can talk about you being a white BBC chasing sissy clown, but if you come over here waving around spade symbols and qos I will verbally knock your teeth out. And no… I don’t give a damn about white women chasing after black men, or black men chasing after white women. Yall go be happy together. There’s more than enough white men who want to be the black woman’s whore and serve the Ebony Femdom Elite.

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