Gooning Mindfuck – Ebony Goddess Nicole’s Journey

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Is the gooning mindfuck real? Of course it’s real. You wouldn’t be reading this blog if you didn’t believe. Losing your head is a good thing. Ebony Goddess Nicole knows this. That’s why she makes lovely phone sex audio files specifically for programming people like you.

Gooning Mindfuck – Ebony Goddess Nicole’s Journey.. For You

You’ve been watching, hesitant to call, but definitely interested. So you started with the very first file Hypnosis doesn’t exist. You figured it would be harmless. At first you felt nothing. You read her blog, Is Hypnosis real? And then something very strange indeed, happened to you. The gooning mindfuck. One night you were horny, and you decided to try one of those gooning videos. That was all it took.

Simulation Glitch Hypnosis

You Could Not Stop Yourself – The Gooning Mindfuck Took Hold

All you could hear and see were flashes of Ebony Goddess Nicole’s voice, her pixelated Ebony form, a voice telling you over and over to stroke. You began to realize that the title of her blog, Ebony Goddess Mindfuck, was no coincidence. This black woman knows exactly what she’s doing.  You become addicted to the gooning mindfuck. And her voice, her audios, her videos, and finally, you can wait no longer, and you call her.


Ebony Goddess Nicole On Niteflirt

Who is the Ebony MILF HypnoDomme, who operates behind a virtual black woman’s avatar? Is she a real person or some strange catfishing fetish impersonator? The truth is, yes, I am a black woman in real life. No, I don’t share my personal real life identity with people online – because some of yall are weird. But if you notice if you follow me on social media and anywhere else: I am VERIFIED on all my platforms. And yes, even if you call me for phone sex on Niteflirt, my influence is far reaching.  So why don’t you call me tonight, so we can get better acquainted, and I can give you a gooning mindfuck introduction you won’t soon forget. I offer phone sex, texting via Niteflirt chat or skype, and custom audios and videos. I do not do cam, for the aforementioned reason. Email me at for pricing. If you like my content and want to send me a vanilla tip or tribute, you can pay me directly by clicking the link (this option is NOT for services). If you prefer, you can tribute me on Niteflirt. My number and extension: 1-800-863-5478 ext: 12191732 on Niteflirt.

See you soon,

Goddess Nicole

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Ebony Hypnodomme Supermodel Takes Over The Embassy

Ebony Goddess Coerced Intox
Ebony HypnoDomme takes over the Embassy. Call Ebony Goddess Nicole on Niteflirt 1-800-863-5478 ext: 12191732

It was the first time you encountered the Ebony HypnoDomme Supermodel. This was a sight unseen for most at the embassy. A tall, leggy black woman, wearing stiletto heels and a miniskirt that barely covered the tops of her thighs. If her goal was to create a spectacle and turn heads, she had certainly turned yours. But then something altogether odd happened.

Her Stare Nearly Made You Wet Yourself

The leggy Goddess turned and looked directly at you. All at once the air around the sexy Ebony MILF started shimmering. Smiling, she walks over to the concierge, and what you see happen before you sends shivers up your spine. The receptionist’s face goes blank. You see her mouthing words back to the mysterious woman. Everything afterward happens so quickly.

Gooning Mindfuck

The Guards Were Next To Fall Under Her Spell

Watching like a frozen statue, you witness the guards escorting her to the elevators. Past security clearance, mindlessly surrounding her and leading her upstairs. The elevator doors close, and you rush over, noticing that time seems to be frozen all around you, and her. Standing in front of the elevator doors you watched her enter, you push the button, and instantly the doors open again.

Waiting For You She Beckons You With A Single Hand

Dropping to your knees, you crawl into the elevator, and kneel at her feet. There is just a sliver of your tiny brain, struggling to understand what’s happening to you, and everyone around you. “Stare at my legs,” you hear her say, and you obediently drop into a trance, gazing at her silky legs, all else forgotten.

Minutes Turn Into Hours

You awake in your own bed. Images and sounds of pleasure, moaning, and intimate obscenities fresh in your mind. Disoriented and confused, you first think you must have dreamt everything that happened. And then you grab your tv remote, and turn on the news. You watch the news report, Embassy security had been breached. They show camera footage of disoriented guards and employees, and then pictures, of the mysterious black woman, with the long legs.


Dropping Into Trance Once More

As soon as you see her legs, all the memories come flooding back. The voice; the elevator; the guards, and everything that happened afterward. You stumble out of bed, and head for the bathroom to splash water on your face. The face you see in the mirror is one of a man who does not recognize himself. You walk back into the bedroom, and check your phone. One missed call from a restricted number, and a text message, from a stranger…

More Hypnotic Mindfuck

We’ll stop there. Don’t want to give too much of the story away do we? No, of course not, because if you want to continue, you need to reach out to me and call me. You can call me on Niteflirt, and then we can spin a little Ebony mindfuck of our own. In the meantime, check out my Niteflirt goody bags, and enjoy the lasting effects of erotic hypnosis. Until next time…

Ebony Goddess Nicole

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Erotic Hypnosis – Ebony Mindfuck: Is Hypnosis Real?

Erotic Hypnosis - Ebony Mindfuck
Is erotic hypnosis with the ebony mindfuck real? Or just phone sex fantasy? Ask Ebony Goddess Nicole 1-800-863-5478 ext: 12191732

Is erotic hypnosis real or just a phone sex fantasy? And does an Ebony mindfuck really exist? Ask my callers, who enjoy when I get inside their heads. Experts will probably try to tell you that erotic hypnosis – or any hypnosis – is not real, and that it is as real as your mind makes it, and that no one can program you to do anything. I’d say they are either lying, or they are not as well versed in subliminals and NLP as I am. No, I’m not a certified hypnotist, I do not do parlor tricks with mind play. What I am is addictive, to the willing.

Erotic Hypnosis – Ebony Mindfuck

I chose the name and persona for my blog and social media, based on something I love doing. Ebony mindfuck is simply a way to describe a dominant black woman who enjoys mindfucking, and controlling you. Here is my theory on whether or not hypnosis is real. Trance is real. Most people go into trances several times a day without even knowing they’re doing it. If you think subliminals and mind programming are not real, pay attention to pop culture. Pay attention to repetitive patterns and trends.  People are being programmed daily, in society, without even knowing it. This is not some conspiracy theory, I’m simply hip to noticing things that most of society is oblivious to. And they are oblivious because they’ve been programmed to be oblivious. Humans are docile creatures that are easy to manipulate, after all.

Why The Ebony Mindfuck Works

The easy answer would be that it works because you want it to work.  If erotic hypnosis is your kink, you want to be brainwashed and controlled. You want the Ebony Goddess whose voice you’re listening to right now, to program you to do her bidding. And all I need to do is set the mood. I can already tell you that my influence will be inside you long after the audio ends. Long after our phone sex session ends, you will be addicted. But why is that? Is it just because it’s what you want? Or did you stumble upon the world of hypnosis for some other reason?

The Doomed Mind Of The Sleeper

What I can tell you is that if you’re reading this, there’s little chance of escaping my web.  Even if you were aware of what’s been done to you and how, it would be of no consequence. You will still be my mindless slave, drooling and kissing my feet. Do you doubt me? Here’s a challenge for you, and since I’ve been away, an update of sorts.

Ebony Goddess Mindfuck – Erotic Hypnosis Audios

If you can’t catch me on the erotic hypnosis phone sex line, this is the next best thing. Because you can listen to it over and over again, on a loop, and be programmed as if I were right there with you.

Goon For Ebony Goddess Nicole


Ebony Mindfuck – Assplay Programming


Ebony Mindfuck Cuckold Realization Visual


Ebony Mindfuck Himbo Hypnosis Training


Ebony Goddess – Sissy Feminization Mindfuck Hypnosis


So how does it feel knowing you’ve already been programmed, you’re already addicted to me, and you will continue to crave more? Do tell, I’m curious what my subject thinks… if you can think at all. Follow the links to purchase the above videos. And if you decide that you just can’t stay away, call me on niteflirt Ebony Goddess Mindfuck – Erotic Ebony Hypnodomme is my niteflirt listing for the best mindfuck phone sex of your life. Talk soon, puppet. *kisses*

Goddess Nicole

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Let’s Talk About Financial Domination (What It Is – What It Is Not – Why I Don’t Talk Much About It)

Ebony Financial Domination
Let’s talk about financial domination, and why outside of this blog, I don’t talk much about it. 1-800-863-5478 ext: 12191732

Greetings from the Ebony MILF aka The Ebony Goddess of Mindfuck aka The Ebony Hot Wife. So let’s get right to it: I don’t push financial domination. Periodt. And it has nothing to do with me bashing or disliking it, and everything to do with it being an oversaturated market. Disclaimer: I’m not bashing financial domination, so if you are a Findom please don’t come over here screaming and hollering.

What Is Financial Domination?

My understanding is that it’s control of someone’s finances. The perspective many have of it, is that it’s just people standing around demanding you pay them. Which… does happen, however, it can be an extension of Femdom, without being any part of it entirely. In otherwords you don’t have to be a Femdom to be a Findom. Or vice versa.

Pet Peeves – Financial Domination And Female Domination

The bit that grinds my gears, is freebieloading subs who expect free shit from Femdoms, and when you ask for payment, they accuse you of being a Findom, because they haven’t bothered to educate themselves. A lot of men online, confuse Female Led Relationships, with Femdom, and then are confused and heartbroken when they don’t get what they want, which is a D/s relationship. And then they start hollering about how they’re not paying for femdom. Well beloved… good luck with that.

Real Femdom And Real Findom

Femdom is multi-dimensional, in essence. And in some cases, so is Findom. Both are fetishes, with underlying fetishes layered in. So if a person has a Findom fetish, and the coin to play, they might seek someone to pay and play with.  There are also a lot of posers in the market. Meaning, a whole bunch of men, jacking off in front of phones or pc’s, fluffing Dommes with empty words and promises to pay money that they either don’t have, or have no intention of paying, in exchange for attention they haven’t earned.  It’s the oldest trick in the book – be careful out there.

Real Subs

I’m going to make this abundantly clear: I do not, never have, not about to start, chasing a goddamn sub for some $$. Nor will I beg anyone to motherfucking pay me. If you pay for my services, you’re also paying for my time. If you’re looking for free time, energy and attention, I’d suggest you start with a dating service, and not a Domme. Because we won’t entertain any of your foolishness (most of the seasoned vets anyway), and most of us aren’t looking for a *gag* boyfriend.  If you want my attention, you need to pay for it.

I Wonder If This Ever Works For Anyone?

I get plenty of “Miss how can I serve you” “Where can I tribute you” BS silly ass messages, from men who apparently think women are as stupid as they are. I’m a business woman, your empty words mean fuck all to me. My info if someone is serious about sending a tribute, is right there on my blog, on my social media, so playing dumb like you either can’t read or don’t know how to find this information, when you went out of your way to message me – and how did you find me? Oh yes… by reading and searching – is going to get you ignored.

Safety For Dommes And Subs

It is the holiday season, so please be careful, Dominants and submissives alike. Sadly just as there are freeloading scammers, there are also wannabes in the industry just looking to make a fast buck.  It’s the reason I will not accept any payments outside of the proper channels and on the platforms I use you have to verify your information. And that is for your safety and the safety of the artist. I say artist because I do much more than just put naughty subbies on their knees.

But Back To Findom What It Is Not

Anyone who creates content and charges for that content, expect to be paid, FOR THAT CONTENT. Being a Femdom is no different. I’m really sick of people behaving as if they are unable to grasp the concept. So no, Femdom is not Findom. Yes you do have a pay a professional for that service, it is not free.  And yes you can do both, if you want. I do both, one I don’t necessarily shout from the rooftops about. But if you want to play piggy bank, I’m happy to oblige you. If I do financial domination at all, it is in the realm of humiliation and making monetary amends for shitty white male behavior. Fitting.

Why I Don’t Talk Much About It

Again, oversaturated market, and I’d rather focus on my other skills and niches. Usually, if someone wants that particularly, they pay for it in addition to their other kinks. And also, if you are going to do that specifically, it has to be done correctly.

What I Do Shout From The Rooftops

This is a mindfuck blog, I do mindfuck things. I do roleplay things. I make shit. Sometimes I indulge in other kinks too. So if you wanted your dollars dominated, there is a place for that, and you have to ask for it, and send a proper tribute. For all else, reaching me for erotic hypnosis, and Ebony Mindfuck, and Femdom, and whatever other kinky thing you seek, is as simple as picking up the phone and calling me. I do prefer the rather diabolical and humiliating, but I’m open to other things as well.

Ebony Phone Sex Specialties

If you’re not sure what I do, or if I’ll be into it, just ask me.  If I do not do “your thing” I will simply tell you that. If you just so happen to be a Findom type person, I have a separate niteflirt listing for Ebony Findom. My style is Black Queen, reparations tax, and opening your purse to atone for the sins of your forefathers.  If you are NOT into that, and simply just want Ebony Femdom, Roleplay, Erotic Hypnosis, a good firm whipping,  Ebony MILF or to be feminized and dressed in a bra and panties, you can call my Ebony Goddess Mindfuck line. If you do wish to pay a tribute, you can pay me via Niteflirt, or directly from my AVN Stars Profile. And if you’re a gamer, you can pay me through the virtual world.

Phone Number And Link To Call Me

Niteflirt – Ebony Goddess Mindfuck    1-800-863-5478 ext: 12191732   I’m usually on in the evenings (or super early in the morning). Favorite my profile and drop me a line. You can text me from Niteflirt as well.  Message me for custom audios. I do not at this time offer cam or videos. If you have any other questions for me, email me  Have a wonderful evening.

Ebony Goddess Nicole


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