Eat My Ass: Ass Licking Ass Worship Toilet Play

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Let’s get right to it, I love ass licking and ass worship. I also like being on the giving end of toilet play. Nothing is more submissive to me, than a white man servicing a black woman’s asshole. And maybe if you’re really feeling frisky, the ebony goddess’s dirty asshole.

The Pleasure Of Ass Licking

For as long as I’ve been a phone hoe, eating ass is a subject that comes up often in conversation. If I had a dollar for every time some lovely gent wanted to tongue fuck my asshole, I’d have a lot of dollars.  There are many reasons why someone would want to worship a person’s ass, paired with a black woman fetish. There is the contrast in skin color, that white men seem to love. And then there’s the stereotypical black woman physique, that usually includes a nice round ass.

Ebony Ass Worship

Ebony Goddess Ass Worship And Toilet Play

So, when your tongue, is burrowed deep in my asshole, you are about as close to your Goddess as you are going to get, outside of sex. And since I don’t  fuck subs, that will be as close as you get. Well… I do fuck subs, with my strapon, I mean to say, you won’t be sticking your little pink dick in any hole on my body. Ass licking is a way to get closer to your dominant, and eating ass is about as intimate as one can possibly get… unless we’re talking toilet play, and you’re drinking and consuming all that comes from your Ebony Goddess. And what a yummy mindfuck that is hmm? Getting fed, by Mistress?

Ass Licking Human Toilet

I have on my bucket list, giving someone a golden shower. I haven’t done it yet, however if the opportunity presented itself, I would gladly piss down a subs throat. Urine is sterile, and at most is humiliating to receive, but if we’re talking about full service toilet subs, you are going to eat my shit. That is by far my favorite scene from the movie “The Help.”  I fully believe in black woman supremacy, ebony femdom, ebony goddess worship, and the highest privilege, and the highest form of servitude in terms of positive femdom, for any slave of mine – aside from paying me, that is – is consuming me and being my human toilet.

Eat My Shit

Toilet Slaves Wanted

So would you like to discuss toilet play and why this taboo subject gives so many a strange tingle down below? You will have to call me to get down and dirty with your kink. This is just a friendly gesture from the ebony goddess of mindfuck, letting you know, that your naughty ass licking fetish, is safe with me. You can reach me on Niteflirt or IWantPhone for phone sex calls. If you would like to do a skype session, click here to buy my skype ID. I do not currently offer cam, though that may be something I do in the future, if you want me to watch you, I’d be happy to oblige.  Stay safe and clean out there, dear ones.

Goddess Nicole

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