Halloween Hypnosis With The Ebony Goddess Of Mindfuck

Get some halloween hypnosis and hand over your balls to the Ebony Goddess of Mindfuck.

Let me preface this Halloween Hypnosis post, by saying, that I enjoy making grown men scream and cry like lil bitchasses. So anyway do I have any Halloween fans out there? I’m talking scary movies, trick or treating, dressing up, costume parties, the whole bit. Well Halloween along with every other major celebratory social holiday, is cancelled this year. That doesn’t mean I’m not going to fuck with you.

Halloween Hypnosis With The Ebony Goddess Of Mindfuck

You can still call me on niteflirt and we can celebrate Halloween over the phone. I’m down to watch a scary movie with you, have a favorite? Let me know. Of course, a halloween session of erotic hypnosis might also interest you. Just be informed, that I will implant naughty things in your head, whether you want them there or not. That is what the loss of control is about. I am forgetting something though, the fact that I did say I like turning men into my little bitches. And there are a couple of ways to get you into subspace and leave you battered and bruised for my pleasure. So why don’t we start with your nuts.

CBT Pain Play Hypnosis

Let’s pretend you actually have any nuts, for starters, and you’re a CBT fetishist who enjoys cbt and genital pain play. Now you’re going to get a big heavy boot, that’s going to represent the Ebony Goddess‘ foot. And then you’re going to kick yourself nice and hard in those nuts, for me, while I laugh at you. There is also something empowering, about imagining that you are one of my annoying ex boyfriends that just got knee’d and tazered. Seriously, this is so satisfying for me.   So how is this for twisted: I trance you, hypnotizing you into believing that you love and enjoy hurting yourself for me and then I send you out into the world….. And that’s when the fun begins.

Public Humiliation

Now visualize yourself being unable to control your urge to:

Slap your dick.

Hit yourself in the balls.

Spread your legs and play whack a mole with the twig and berries.

Any time.


How would that feel? How humiliated would you be if you suddenly stopped in the middle of a crowded street, store, office, and started punching yourself in the nuts while chanting, “Thank you Goddess Nicole.”

You’d better thank your lucky stars hypnosis isn’t real.

Or is it?

Is Erotic Hypnosis Real?

Well, the science fiction version of hypnosis, might not be, however you are capable of going into a trance, yes. And, you are capable of having subliminal triggers programmed into your subconscious, yes. But I cannot just pick up my tv remote, press the “sleep” button, and put a physical human being on standby. Mostly because hypnosis isn’t real unless you desperately want it to be. And there is the matter of my voice. Which… has an effect of its own entirely.

What A Combination CBT And Sadistic Hypnosis

The idea of using erotic hypnosis to make someone lose their mind, is one that resonates with me. I want you to be very afraid of me, and to have those questionable unwanted thoughts pop up into your head during the day. You know which ones I’m talking about. The ones where you’re driving to work, and suddenly a little voice in your head says “pull over to the side of the road and punch yourself in the dick for Goddess Nicole.” You’ll want it, you’ll be tempted to test your mortality trigger, and I’m going to push you off that ledge and make you question your sanity.  Disclaimer: For safety reasons, this is all only fantasy. I cannot do anything to you, that you do not consent to. I mean I could do far worse, I could turn you into my sissy. Didn’t you read gender bending and sissification? Or even worse: I turn you into my human toilet and make you eat my black ass.

Planting The Seed

Go slap your balls for me. I don’t care where you are, just stop right now and do it. Do you feel that rush? The adrenaline pumping and your dick getting hard knowing you just did something you weren’t supposed to do? Now call me. You can call me at either niteflirt phone sex or if you prefer IWantClips I have a phone line there. If you wish to pay me outside of those two platforms, you can use AVNStars to pay for a skype session. Rates are the same for skype as they are for my phone lines. Feel free to tribute me also, for no other reason than you know that giving me your money serves the greater good. Me, I’m the greater good.

Another Alternate Form Of Payment

So you don’t have niteflirt, you don’t have IWC, you don’t want to get an account on AVN and you’d like to keep a certain level of anonymity while still utilizing my services? You can pay via the virtual world. First you’ll need to make an account, you can buy virtual currency online without me ever knowing your personal information, and then use it to pay me there (Nicole Renee inworld). I will be uploading a how to video on AVN, and you WILL have to pay for it, so for that, find a way. Yall will find a way to pay when you want something. So do not expect anything from me without payment. Once we get all that out of the way, then, I can play with your mind and absolve myself of any involvement, because you made the choice to do it, after all.  Have a great Halloween everyone. Thanks for reading.

Goddess Nicole

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