About Nicole

I know there’s not much to see on here yet, but I have been busy. I take most of my calls on niteflirt, and I have audios for sale on there as well, but you want to know about me right? Okay here goes.

I’m a black woman, somewhere between fine ass aunty, and way too grown for you. I’m also a MILF, and single. New York native. I got into phone sex because I like talking about sex, I like working from home, and I hate corporate settings.

This blog is a blank slate currently, but as time passes and I figure out what I want to do with this space, there will be more to see, more to hear, and more to love.

You will help me fill these blank pages, with your experience, your knowledge, and your willingness to learn. We will borrow each others minds. You will inspire me. I will inspire you. Your responsibility to me, is to take it on the chin, and speak up when there is something of detriment to share.

I believe in my safety, and your safety. We will have a good time together, so long as you respect my boundaries, and know your place. More soon… All my love.